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Educate thyself

Posted Aug 27 2009 10:05pm
These folks, my buds who are part of the "Dawn Patrol" group every Tuesday at El Moro, know how to run.

I am a renegade of sorts, doing my own thing when it comes to running and not paying much attention to the science of running and what I put in my body. And I absolutely hate to stretch.

In the interest of educating myself (boy, do I need to wake up), I am posting here a lengthy but very useful article, 100 Essential Health and Nutrition Tips for Avid Runners, that originally appeared on the Web site of the Online Nurse Practitioner Schools.

Portions of the article are reprinted here with the permission of Online Nurse Practitioner Schools.

I am listing here the first 14 tips -- because 14 is my favorite number, and because I do not have the time to list them all LOL.

Be sure to click on the links!


100 Essential Health and Nutrition Tips for Avid Runners
Although running is a solo sport, preparing for it doesn’t have to be. Avid runners, as well as beginners, can find all sorts of help for health, nutrition, and more by stopping by these 100 top tips and sites made just for runners.

Best Stretches for Avid Runners
Because stretching is essential for runners to avoid sprains, soreness and other injuries, check out these leading stretches.

1. Stretching for Runners: The experts at "Runner's World" give you loads of help for preparing for that run. Get stretches for hamstring, calves, back, and more.

2. Calf and Ankle Stretching Routine: Coach Nicole is from SparkPeople and shows you how to do this in three short minutes. Also useful for those wearing shin splints.

3. Running Flexibility: Mark Coogan teaches you how to prevent injury and increase flexibility with sports stretches designed specifically for runners. A jump rope is used in this short clip.

4. Lower Body Stretching Routine: This video will help you stretch your lower body without any equipment. Coach Nicole will take you through one short set of six different stretches that target your thighs, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

5. Basketball Flexibility: Chip Schaefer, Director of Athletic Performance & Player Development for the L.A. Lakers, guides you through a fitness program to keep your muscles limber. In 13 minutes, you can stretch like the NBA players do.

6. Body Stretching Routine: This stretching routine is done by lying on a mat. Four stretches target your lower body.

7. Best Stretches-Running: Stay limber and prevent injury with this stretch routine. Purchase for $9.99 or preview for free.

8. Midrun Injuries: Another guide from Runner's World, it shows you the most common running issues and how to deal with them. Get information on cramps, blisters, stitches, sprains, and more.

Best Warm Ups for Avid Runners
Going into a run cold can be dangerous. Try these warm ups to get going like the pros do.

9. Running Active Warm Up: Mark Coogan shows you one of the most vital elements and routines before a run. In eight short minutes, you will learn both upper and lower body warm ups.

10. Yoga for Runners: Do these poses before, after or in between runs to de-stress. Choose from Strike A Pose or 3 Pre-Run Yoga Poses.

11. Yoga and Running: Similar to the above, this article shows you how to use yoga to stay limber for a run. Supplies and positions also are shown.

12. Tegankamp Core Warm Up: He is the American record holder for two miles. Here he shows you how he warms up for a run in this short video.

13. Mental Endurance Training: Because running is as much mental as it is physical, check out this article to see how to warm up your mind. These tips can also help you break barriers and run longer.

14. General Strength Exercises: These exercises will help make you a stronger, faster, more efficient runner who is less susceptible to injury. Five videos are included.

You get the picture.

Be sure to check out the complete list of 100 tips here.
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