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Eat & Run Experience

Posted Jun 08 2012 8:51am

Last night, I had the opportunity to go to Fleet Feet’s Eat & Run Experience with Scott Jurek (ultramarathoner) and Chris McDougall (author of Born to Run).

The “experience” started with a 5k fun run at 6:30 so I showed up a little before check my gear and stretch. There were about 50 runners (a lot!) and we were led out to a nearby park in groups where we waited and chatted until everyone arrived.

Around 6:45, Scott Jurek and Chris McDougall arrived. They both spoke for a few minutes, we had a moment of silence for Caballo Blanco, took a group picture, and then headed out to run! P.S. Chris McDougall ran barefoot. Remember its not whats on your feet, its running form!

Scott and Chris started in the front of the group and worked their way toward the back. I had started out near the front so after my few minutes of running near them I made it my goal to stick to the front pacer. We ended up pushing each other and I got in a good, sweaty workout.

After we finished the run all the runners stood around in the park waiting for everyone else to finish (talk about running community) and then we all jogged back to the store for the speaking event.

I waited in line for my gear and then ran over to the Allstate 13.1 Marathon packet pickup to donate 4 pairs of shoes . That’s right, I found 5 extra pairs of running shoes in my closet and I’ve only lived in my apartment for a little over a year. Luckily, packet pickup was just down the hall from the speaking event and I was able to hop in line to buy Scott Jurek’s new book Eat & Run before the event started.

Scott and Chris talked for well over an hour about their experiences with the Tarahumara, Scott’s running story, and nutrition. They also took questions from the audience. They spoke for a while so there is no way I can recap all of it but I can bullet some highlights from the talk.

  • Scott Jurek credits watching his mother suffer from multiple sclerosis as the reason he started running and the reason he became vegan. He says he grew up with so much sickness and chronic illness around him that he really started to prioritize his health in college.
  • Scott grew up in Minnesota where his family hunted and fished for their food. He loved meat, fishing, and watching t.v. He also had high blood pressure and at the age of 12, doctors wanted to put him on high blood pressure meds.
  • Scott is also a physical therapist and I believe he still sees clients (or he did until recently).
  • Contrary to popular belief, Scott does not have an atrocious heel strike. While his foot looks like its going to strike on the heel, he scoops his feet under so that he lands mid-foot.
  • Scott runs between 110-120 miles/week to train for an ultra. I guess this is less than a lot of other ultra runners. He also strongly believes in rest days and takes 1-2 per week.
  • Scott once fell asleep while running a 100 mile race. He didn’t think it was possible but he said he was falling asleep on his feet.

The event went late and while I had planned on staying to take a picture/have my book signed, when 9:00 hit I had to go home. I was hungry and I knew if I stayed too late it would make waking up today incredibly difficult (plus I had a 30 min commute!).

When I got home I devoured the last Chipotle knockoff bowl.

And then had a little piece of brown rice bread with almond butter and banana slices.

I thought I’d have trouble sleeping but I was out by 11. What can I say, I was tired!

Yesterday’s meals
For breakfast yesterday I tried something new and made creamy breakfast rice . I stirred together about 1/2 cup brown rice, sliced banana, sliced strawberries, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almond butter, and rice milk and then microwaved it for about 3 minutes. The result? A warm bowl of creamy rice.

It was awesome!

Lunch was a lentil, sweet potato, and beet salad.

Which was tasty but needed some seasoning. I plan on fixing that in todays lunch ;)

And my afternoon/pre-run snack was a pumpkin muffin.

This morning
I woke up early with a 6 mile run in mind. My legs felt fine but I figured they’d be a little tired after last nights run. I tried to run the first three miles at just over an 8:00 min/mile and then to run sub 8:00′s for the second three. I figured that the slower miles would help warm up my muscles and shake them out and then I could get a few faster miles in towards the end. It worked pretty well and I averaged a 7:57 min/mile for the run.

Breakfast was a buckwheat bake made with 6 T buckwheat flour, 3 T pumpkin, 1 T flax, 5 T rice milk, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice, and 1/2 tsp honey.

I topped it with 1 tsp of pistachio butter and some banana slices. I had wanted the pumpkin flavor to come through but it didn’t. At least the bake had good chew!

Alright, time to get the last day of the work week started. Have a good day!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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