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Early Morning Pure Barre with Megan

Posted Feb 14 2013 6:17am

I’ve been getting into work early and leaving pretty late to get work done for my Friday deadline. My body was achy and I decided that I NEEDED a workout. I find it amazing how I can really feel out of it not just physically but mentally if I go more than a few days without a workout! I had worked out on Sunday and by the end of Tuesday I was dying for a workout-my brain was getting fried.

To clear my head and become more productive at work, I signed up for the Wednesday 6:00 AM Pure Barre class with Megan. I was first on the wait list-crossing my fingers and toes that someone would bail. To my luck, within an hour of me signing up, I found out that I made the cut! Now there was no way I could cancel that class-I had to go!

Pure Barre Equipment

Barre has become one of my favorite workouts.  In fact…I think by terms of this quiz , I’m addicted.  If you had asked me what I thought of barre last year (when I was in the thick of marathon and half Ironman training), I would say it wasn’t really going to fit into my schedule. It probably wouldn’t have actually fit in my schedule because when you train specifically to PR at a race, the training is very intense and particular.  But I think that I would have said it didn’t fit into my schedule without even considering it (do you know what I mean?).  There was a point in my life that I might think barre (and other things) wouldn’t be worth my time since it was not running, biking or swimming. I’m SO proud if how much I’ve grown as an athlete (and person) to realize that like a balanced diet-a balanced workout will make you stronger and healthier. What is that saying…variety is the spice of life?

Unfortunately, the last time I did barre was at home with YogaVibes almost a month ago! I’ve been trying to use up deals before they expire and also take advantage of free fitness events that worked around my work schedule. Because of my lack of barre, I wasn’t sure how this class was going to pan out but I felt slightly comforted knowing I had my friend Kristina by my side.

The instructor Megan was not only led the class like a pro but also looked like one. She was sporting a pair of Pure Barre leg warmers that I wanted to steal right off her legs! I think it must be a lot of little girls dreams to be a ballerina at some point. I know it was one of mine. I even remember doing one of those “When I grow up” drawings and drew a ballerina! Little did I know that I would become almost the complete opposite…an engineer…ha! At some point-once I feel like I’m a part of the Pure Barre family-I might have to purchase a pair of those leg warmers. Both Kristina and I agreed that we want to go to Pure Barre a lot so we can look as tone as Megan! I’m fit and have great cardio fitness but I’m not as toned or as strong as I could be or want to be.

Throughout the class, I spotted Megan adjusting students so that they were executing the move properly. She also knew a lot of the ladies by name and called them out if they were doing a good job. These are both good things that I think all instructors should do. I don’t want to go to a workout if I’m not doing it right-that would just be a waste if time. And if I’m doing it right-I want to have it acknowledged!

At the end of class, Megan made sure to welcome anyone who had questions to approach her. I saw her helping a student with her form and the student left saying, “Ah! THAT is how you are supposed to do it!” It of made me smile because Megan showed another great quality of a teacher…the willingness and excitement to help her students. All instructors “teach” but its nice to see one who cares and is passionate about it. The Pure Barre workout may have the same cues and format, but Megan was sure to be there fully as an instructor.  She was also more than willing to take a blog picture with me!

Pure Barre with Megan

Completely satisfied with my morning burn session, I headed on into work. I changed quickly and freshened up a bit (no shower-don’t judge!). I began work by 7:30 am which was still before some of my other coworkers! I felt refreshed and was able to work hard and late into the night. My morning Pure Barre class was just what I needed!

Sadly, I have only one more class left from my 3-class deal. I wish Pure Barre was part if my weekly routine! Every class I go to, I feel the burn and know there is always room for improvement. You can always go an inch lower or tuck a little more.

Do you want to try Pure Barre?  They have a new client deal for one month unlimited for $100! OR you can get their Valentine’s Day special which is 14 classes for $14 each.  The Valentine’s day deal ends tonight at MIDNIGHT!  Visit the Pure Barre Bostonwebsite to purchase.

PS. Did you know Pure Barre Boston is having a  Grand Opening Party  on February 22?! I’m DEFINITELY going to that! Hopefully I will see YOU there too!


Do you need to workout in order to be productive? How do you fit in your work outs?

I need some sort if workout even when I’m super busy at work. If I have trouble fitting in a workout, the easiest thing for me to do is get up super early to get it done so I can work late.

What is one way you have grown in the past year?

I used to think yoga was not my thing. After getting injured after Boston Marathon 2012 , I learned to love yoga through my 30 day challenge . It made me more open minded and willing to try new things!

If you live in the Boston area you should enter my giveaway for 5 free classes at Redline Fight Sports !  Get your barre on like a graceful ballerina and then go be tough at the fight gym! (Though don’t be fooled-barre chicks are pretty badass and tough!)

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