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Dumb Question About Following Blogs

Posted Feb 27 2013 5:30am
I seriously should know this by now...

What's the best way to follow blogs?

How do you keep track of the blogs that you read?

I've been reading running blogs since December 2010 and I keep track of them in an uncharacteristically disorganized fashion...I'd like to come up with a better, more streamlined system.
reading my alumni magazine at the pool,
if only it were this effortless to read/keep track of the blogs I enjoy 

[On a side note, the first blogs that I read were the industry staples,  Skinny Runner  and  Hungry Runner Girl .  By the way, are those still the go-to running blogs for people who are just discovering runner blogs?  What should be added to that list?   NYC Running Mama ?   Miss Zippy ?]

How I Currently Keep Track of the Blogs I Read:
-I receive a few blogs via e-mail in my inbox ( Skinny Runner , Change of Pace , Twenty-Six and Then Some , etc.)
-I have a few blogs bookmarked ( Run with Kate , The Faster Bunny , etc.)
-I have a few other blogs that I follow and keep up with at my blogger homepage ( Just a Colorado Girl , Christy Runs , etc.)

My favorite way to read blogs is with my blogger homepage because it gives you a photo with the first couple sentences of the blog so that I can get an idea of what the post is about.  However, it only allows me to see blogs hosted by blogger, i.e. no wordpress/self-hosted blogs :(

I have tried google reader, but I haven't figured out how to have a photo preview built into it, and I'm a very visual person,  so I'm not so keen on it.
I'm on a search for the best method for blog-perusing.

Tell me, what's your favorite way to keep track of and read your go-to blogs?
I have a hard time keeping up because I find various blogs in different places and I'd love one central location (that includes a little photo with a couple sentences from the post) to find all my blogger/wordpress/self-hosted blogs...does such a thing exist?
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