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Driech...Saturday - 12/26/09

Posted Dec 26 2009 12:00am
About 36 degrees, but very windy as a light but steady rain came down the entire run. Headed out at about noon and ran about 4 1/2 miles - lengthening my standard route by heading up 9D to the side-street with the cemetery to my left. Didn't mind the rain at all and actually enjoyed the tap-tap against my balaclava, like I was in a tent...I feel a sense of accomplishment overcoming the driech - not letting it get the best of me and giving over to lethargy. I like being out in the raw elements.
Am happy with my strength on this run especially after such a hard slog the other day. I did come up against a tight right calf and somewhat sore left knee, but was easily able to power through these. Kept a decent pace, but stopped a few times to adjust my laces since the wet was making my feet slip around inside my shoes. Breathing seems a bit labored these past few runs. Today was especially humid, so maybe this had an affect, but have had to make a conscious effort to breath deeply and maintain a rhythm. Am looking forward to a run tomorrow since it's supposed to be a bit warmer (45 degrees), so would like to take advantage.

Took this photo of the trunk of the Japanese Maple in front of the house...don't think I've captured it's unique, sculptural shape well enough. May fiddle with it in Photoshop and try to reduce the background for better contrast. 

Until tomorrow...
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