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Don’t challenge me, because I’ll do it…

Posted Mar 16 2011 10:03pm

I didn’t do my run this morning.  Dave said “You seem tired, just stay in bed.”  I did.  Then I was thinking “OH NO! I have to make whoopie pies tonight for “pi(e)” day tomorrow!!”  In case you didn’t read my earlier posts , Pi day was 3/14, but our company was having a Toastmasters event, so we scheduled it for St. Patrick’s day.

Anyway, I got up and scrambled to get my clothes.

Dave said, “You can just make them after dinner, I’ll run with you.”

And I went back to bed for another half an hour.  Throughout this day, I realized more and more that I LOVE my morning workout.  It wakes me up and makes me feel great!  On the train ride home, I was dozing so much.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  I really missed my morning sweat fest!

The nice thing about running after work was that Dave joined me.  I was really pumped to have some company.  We chatted and ran leisurely.  Then Dave sped up.  What the heck?!  I told him to slow down but he didn’t.  Is that how we are going to be?  So I sped up and sprinted.  It wasn’t supposed to be a speed day, but I wasn’t going to let Dave kick my butt.  He may be fast for the short sprint, but overall, I know I can “chick” him any day!  And that’s what I did.

After dinner, I made those  whoopie pies (recipe from Martha Stewart) that I had to make.  I completely forgot to get ingredients for the filling (geez, the most important part!), so I just used some cake frosting.  I added some green sprinkles to jazz them up a little!

I can’t wait to see what everyone else makes!


Do you ever get pulled back into bed?

I do . Dave would sometimes say, “Come here, I need to tell you something.”   And then he would lift up the covers and pull me under them.  I learned to come over and dodge his trick if I wanted to get my morning workout done!

What kind of pie would you make for Pi day?

Last year I made apple pie and pudding pie!

Are you competitive?

Um…YES.  But only if you challenge me.  I love leisurely fun runs.

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