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Dogs on Leashes...Or not...

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:49pm
This morning I ran 3 miles, out and back, from home. It's my normal route. My routine. My at least weekly running road. AKA MINE. Okay, so I didn't exactly pay for the sidewalk (which may or may not be manicured on a regular basis), but it's my turf....well, and some other peoples i just sound like a sidewalk snob.

On to my story. When I left the house and headed towards the intersection, I noticed another female runner already on said sidewalk. She was going to be in front of me based on where I was when I saw her. And that was fine with me. Cause then I'd have motivation to pass her. Cause I'm doing that these days. So, cross street, turn music on, getting progressively closer to her as Maroon 5 is blaring in my ears (and for the record, I would never ever listen to them on a regular basis, but something about the beat makes my run work for me). So, back to me getting closer to her. I'm gaining speed, hoping that i will be able to pass her before we make the long trudge up the big hill....but then I notice that she has a dog with her. No problem. Brown, kindof lab-ish looking, not huge, but bigger than I would wrestle with. And then I notice it: NO LEASH.

Now, I would not have a problem with the absence of said leash if we were on a country road, or a trail, or in her own neighborhood. But, we were on a busy street (remember the sidewalks I mentioned?). Where the speed limit is 45 to 55 in most places, but the average speed is probably more like 65. And to make matters worse, said doggy dog is running back and forth...out in the street...back to her...out in the street...back to her. And this whole situation is slowing me down. Because, you see, I'm not going to run past her. I sortof have a small fear of coming up behind a dog that I don't know (it's a whole childhood thing that would take forever to expain). Let's just say, I was a little nervous about passing both of them. And not to mention the fact that if I did pass them, what if the dog started to follow me? Then what would she do? Cause I wasn't stopping for her smarty pants. So, at some point I decide to start blowing snot rockets (LOUD) to see if she will turn around, see me, call her dog, and let me pass (cause that is way more mature than just saying "hey, lady, can you get your dog?). NOPE. She just turns around, looks at me, and keeps running...and not even faster!

We finally crest the hill and I think, "surely she's going to turn into the college campus, take the dog to the lake..." NOPE again! This time, I figured that I had enough pissed-offness (yes, I made that up), enough space to run in the road if need be, and enough of this dog without a leash, and I passed them both. And I think the dog started to follow me. Faintly over my Maroon 5 I could her yelling out to the dog. But as for me, I kept on running. It's another 1/2 mile from that point to the turn around and I never looked back to see where she finally turned at. All I know is that at the turn around, she and dog were gone. And she totally messed up my time!

I'm all for peeps running with their dogs, for health of the peep, health of the dog, and safety. But, when you are in a busy busy area with lots of other runners, have some courtesy. We don't know that your dog won't get spooked by us blazing past you. We don't know that your dog won't in turn follow us. We DON'T want to see your dog get hit by a car.

With that said, I hope all my fellow bloggers have a Merry Merry Christmas and that Santa brings you everything you asked for!
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