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Does anyone have any idea what my occasional foot pain might be?

Posted by KovasP

Sometimes after an intense running workout, I get a sore, achy feeling on the inside of my foot, below the ankle. With rest (and sometimes ice) it goes away. It doesn't happen after every intense workout, only occasionally.
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Don't do intense workouts more often than every other day. Your body needs at least 48 hours to recover from your intense workouts. This is called running heavy/light. Your light workouts could be less intense workouts, light swimming, light cycling, walking, or a day with no workouts. Once a month reduce your workouts in intensity and time by 25-40% or so to give your body extra rest. Workouts actually damage body cells, and during the rest after a workout, your body repairs the damage to the cells and in the process becomes stronger. So, be sure you get enough rest by doing heavy/light and enough sleep at night.

If your shoes have 400-500 or more miles, they should be replaced. Stay away from mall-type shoe stores and get your shoes from good running stores. There are three basic types of shoes, so be sure your shoes are right for you. Using the wrong type of shoes is a common cause of injuries. Good running stores watch you walk or jog to see how your foot pronates during running. 

When you run, aim for a running pace of about 180 steps per minute. That pace will force you to take shorter steps and to change from a heel strike to a midfoot strike. A common cause of shin splints is too long of steps. When your foot hits the ground, you want it to be under your body not in front of your body.

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