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Does anyone have any good "before running snack" ideas? I need something that will fill me up , not make me cramp or lose energy

Posted by amye

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Hi- You should try integrating salba seed into your food, or for a "before running snack, try salba bars. They are awesome...and the only thing I eat before I run now. I read in an article that the ancient Mayans discovered this grain, and use to eat it before long journeys because it expanded in their stomachs and kept them full for hours. They are just enough to keep you full , but not too much to make you cramp. I've also noticed that I don't even get hungry right after I run, which is unusual. The salba grain is packed with omega 3's, fiber, and antioxidants. You can buy them online or in a health food store. Happy running!!
I have used salba as well and I love it. I recommend cosuming it 1 hour before running or any activity. Great energy and so good for you. I give the bars to my kids to for nutrition. Im glad to see this product is becoming so popular.
How far are you running? I usually eat a banana with peanut butter- I add in some wholegrain toast if it is a long distance.
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