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Dodged Snow and Early Morning Run Prep

Posted Mar 03 2011 12:00am
We dodged more snow last night but now have freezing rain heading our way. The temps are climbing slowly but now we’ll have some weather to deal with. So looks like I am stuck inside on the treadmill for a while yet. I woke up thinking I was going to do some snow cardio by having to shovel the drive, but no snow came. But I find that I am still exhausted from the interviews yesterday. I rolled back over and took a morning off. So I have my miles to do tonight after the kids are in bed. Nothing going on schedule wise tonight so I should be able to do the miles without messing up or missing anything family wise. I am finding that my basement where the treadmill is actually is really warm. I’ve slowly have changed my approach to what clothes to wear on the treadmill. I’ve gone from full sweats, to T shirt and sweat pants to now a tech shirt and shorts. I’m finally comfortable in these more wicking clothes than being all bundled up.

Lesson Learned 1: I typically try and lay my clothes out the night before a training day. I have learned that I am more likely to do a scheduled run if I can simply roll out of bed, grab the laid out clothes, put them on and head out the door. I’ve learned to put them outside of the bedroom on the staircase or table in another room to force me to go to them. If I can get that far I am 98% sure the run will happen. All of my running caps and jackets are in a hallway closet as well. So I try and plan ahead and lay whatever I need out. Hopefully the cats or kids will not “move” the items before morning.

Lesson Learned 1a: I also have learned to watch or at least check the weather the night before to see if the morning run will be an outside activity. It’s not a big deal to adjust as the basement steps are about ten feet from the front door. But mentally I would be disappointed if I was psyched for the neighborhood and ended up on the treadmill. This relates to Lesson 1 above as you will have to know what clothing to lie out based upon the weather. I know I have both overdressed and underdressed many times over the last couple of years.

The best story around this was my first 5k two years ago. I showed up without any training and wore whatever old athletic clothes I had. From what I remember I had on flannel lined jeans covered by lined nylon pants. I had a long john top, sweat shirt and winter coat on for an early May race. I looked and felt like the overdressed younger brother in the A Christmas Story movie. The temp was something line lower 40’s and raining. Oh yes, new trail shoes straight out of the box. Needless to say I was melting after about a mile. I made it to the end in not too bad of time considering I walked all but the last quarter mile. I just remember being soaking wet from sweat and boy did my feet hurt for a day or so. I really should have paid better attention to what the weather was going to be and also truly understand about layering and how hot I would be walking/jogging. I learned a lot of lessons that day about being prepared and dressing appropriately.
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