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Doctor Bound

Posted Oct 12 2012 11:24am

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Happy Friday :-) Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Aside from the Zoo Run Walk on Sunday, my weekend is pretty wide open. I’ll probably do some mega cleaning tomorrow. It’s leaf season at my house, and my dogs love to have a competition where the winner is the one who brings the most leaves into my house. They are pretty much ubiquitous until the first snow, which I am NOT wishing for any time soon, so my part in the competition will be to at least keep up with said dogs. Otherwise, my carpet looks more like a forest floor than a living room floor.

Well, yesterday after I wrote my blog entry, Dan and I went for a walk, and I realized that my mile and a half run the day before did my shin no favors, so I broke down yesterday afternoon and made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. I can’t get in until next Thursday morning, so until then, I will not be running at all. I’m really bummed that things aren’t getting better on their own. Part of the reason I decided to make the appointment is because my BOOK came, and when I opened to the section that addressed shin splints, I became aware of the fact that this thing should have resolved weeks ago. So now I have to wonder just exactly what is going on. Could I possibly have a stress fracture? And with other issues, like the fluid build up in my knee, and the inexplicable pain in my heel, I was lead to the realization that I need help if I am ever going to be ready for my half in February.

Also, out of the three coaches I emailed yesterday, I heard back from one. I think she gets brownie points for responding so quickly. She sent me a very detailed response back, and even she suggested that I speak with a doctor about my injuries, so I believe that she is credible. And as far as I can tell, her consultation prices are reasonable. I was hoping to compare amongst a couple of people, though, so I hope I get more responses.

Since today is Favorite Friday, I thought I’d share a few pictures of one of my favorite vacations; our family cruise back in 2009. Looking back at some of the pictures my kids took (they are SOOO much better at remembering to do that than I am), I’m reminded of how thankful I am that we were able to share that time as a family.

These are some big shoes to fill!

I’m not sure what is up with Dan’s face in this picture, but it cracks me up every time I see it.

Speaking of faces, I have NO idea what I was doing in this picture.

Did I mention that I’m always cold?

Need more proof?

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