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Doctor’s Orders

Posted Dec 06 2012 8:15am

After having a set back on the foot front earlier this week, I decided it was finally time to go see the doctor. When things aren’t starting to improve after a week of rest, an air cast and lots of icing, it’s time to call in the pros.

Doctors office

So begrudgingly, I went in and filled out a million pages of paperwork about my medical history and injury.

The doctor ordered up some X-rays.

X ray

The X-ray tech got a kick out of me taking pictures of the X-rays being done.

While we were waiting for the X-rays to process, the doctor asked me all about the injury. How it happened, the pain level, etc. Then she had me do a few things like stand on my toes and rotate my foot left and right. Then she squeezed it really hard and I felt like I was about to puke.

Then we looked at the X-rays. I was scanning quickly and declared them clean!

Literally I was like “Oh nothing’s broken!!!”

The doctor laughed and then zoomed in on the area where I’m experiencing the pain. The picture suddenly looked less crisp. There was no break or fracture, but the doctor said it’s a “stress injury.” Meaning if I don’t stay off it, it’s on the verge of being something much worse.

So four more weeks in the air cast. No running. No CrossFit (except upper body stuff). I can swim and I can bike.

I won’t even lie. I left the doctor’s office, got home and sobbed on the phone to my mom.

What I thought would maybe force me to take a week or two off running, is now going to be about six weeks off running total.

I’ve been trying to find the positive, like the fact that I can still do some things, but that’s just like some crappy consolation prize. One of my friends put it well:

“There’s no real positive. It’s only a question of how negative it is.”

The next four weeks are going to be hard for me mentally. Every time I see a runner, I want to punch them because I’m jealous. Swimming and biking are fine, but they just don’t do it for me like running does.

Spending Christmas and New Years in an air cast will also be a blast I’m sure. But I guess at least it’s not the summer, so I won’t end up with some weird air cast tan lines.

Pity party…table for one please.

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