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Do you want some OJ?!

Posted Aug 14 2009 6:48pm

So I have to tell you all about something. It’s rather exciting and this isn’t even my big news which will probably be revealed on Monday, but this could rival that. Anyways, a good friend of mine, Sam, started up Operation Jack. Sam decided to run 60 marathons next year in honor of his son with autism in hopes to raise awareness and also money for autism research.


Sam isn’t going to quit his day job and become a runner and isn’t sponsored by anyone, but he will do this all while working and tending to his three children and his lovely wife. Now, Sam is FAST. He’s been chasing the 3:00 marathon finish time for quite some time now, and has realized that running isn’t always about time, and also thought of what he could do with the sport that would bring awareness to the Train for Autism.

Sam is also on another streak. He’s eaten ice cream or frozen yogurt for 41 days straight now. See, he’s just like one of us.

Sam knows that if he was able to work hard enough to complete all 60 marathons, and to have run 25 already, and 2 ultra marathons, he can work hard enough to run 60 marathons in Jack’s honor. He knows that as tough as Operation Jack might be, it’s nothing compared to the daily grind Jack suffers through as he battles the nasty neurological disorder he was born with.

Another cool thing is that I am learning a lot about autism and the disease through Sam’s blog. He talks very openly about Jack’s struggles and how daily life is with him along with running and his plan to tackle 60 marathons.

So here’s the best part! You don’t have to run 60 marathons in one year to make a difference – every participant increases awareness of Train 4 Autism and there’s no contribution required. So, pick a race — there’s 60 of them — and join Sam to take part in Operation Jack!

I have already decided that I will take part in at least one marathon with the Operation Jack team and Sam! I’m going to be running the Surf City Marathon in February and I’m going to be a Team Leader for the race. So if you want to be on the coolest team around, run Surf City and be on my team.  If you can’t run Surf City, there are still SIXTY other races you can choose from… If you are going to run one marathon, half marathon, or 5k next year, I really advise you to check out the schedule he has posted and sign up to do one with Operation Jack! Don’t worry, I’ll post about this a few more times because I think it’s such an exceptional opportunity to be a part of.

This morning I didn’t run because I woke up with a horrible stomach ache. I haven’t had one of these in pretty much as long as I can remember. With all these stomach problems I should be the spokesperson for Tums or Pepto-bismol right? Yuck. Hopefully it passes soon and I can run again tomorrow morning. The sweet deal page is totally updated and I hope it’s easier to navigate :) You can find cool deals there like this adidas long sleeve half zip and this Nike short sleeve tee both are great finds and there are much more located on the sweet deals page.

Anyways, tonight I’m looking forward to the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. I know I can’t dance, so watching them dance and enjoying it makes me feel like perhaps I might have at least one rhythmic bone in my body.


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