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Do you remember your marathon times?

Posted Sep 04 2012 9:53am

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It’s political season here in America and candidates are getting a lot more air time than usual. That means they have a lot more opportunity to say something stupid. The biggest blunder as far as the running world goes, Paul Ryan bragging on the radio that he ran a sub-3 hour marathon .

He didn’t.

When called out on it, he admitted he made a mistake and actually did a 4 hour marathon.

A mistake, or a lie? hmmm

I find it difficult to believe that someone would incorrectly remember the time of their first, and only, marathon. I mean, I can understand being off by a few minutes but by a whole hour? It just makes no sense.

Granted it was over twenty years ago, but I’ve done 32 marathons since and while I don’t remember the exact time of each, I know that I haven’t run a sub-3 hour marathon. I remember my PR, (3:21:38) and the time of my first marathon which I ran in 1996 (4:02).

Of course, just because I remember my marathon times and every other person who’s run a marathon that I know remembers theirs, this doesn’t mean that Ryan is generally a liar. It’s hard to be in the spotlight and you’re going to say a lot of stuff. It is a rare person indeed that is able to have all that attention and not say something stupid or inaccurate.

I don’t really begrudge the guy for lying about this. However, it does make me wonder what other things he’s lying about. Not that it matters much. I disagree with the guy’s politics which is why I’m unlikely to vote for him.

Still, I wonder how many of you marathon runners have “forgotten” your time?

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