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Do you have tickets?

Posted Apr 22 2011 7:06am


Happy Good Friday!!

Are you off today?  I’m not. The Dr. is out of town today so I’m holding down the fort Smile

I got up early(er) than normal to get a work out in Wednesday morning. I follow ToneitUp on twitter so I went to their website to get a quick workout.

I chose the Spring into Bikini season full body work out. You can get a print out of the work out here.

The video shows the circuit done twice, but my knee could not handle the frog jumps and side lunges w/ crunch. Here is the Toneitup work out:

  • 20 frog jumps
  • 30 side lunges w/ crunch (each side)
  • 10 walk out push ups
  • high knees
  • 30 waist line crunches (each side)

Then I added a few more things of my own:

  • Seated curls on stability ball (30)
  • push ups (10)

I think tomorrow morning I’ll do the routine in this article . Same article where the pictures came from.

I am feeling a little sore from my work out ; I can only imagine what I would be feeling if I had done all the exercises twice. oy!


yes, I’m aware my bra is showing..whatever. I took this picture like 6 times. This one is the best.
Don’t be hatin’ on my pink sweatpants.

I don’t have a “before” picture. I don’t do a whole lot with my arms. Mostly some push-up here and there, but I see some definition (and so does Chris..I’m always flexing my guns @ him!)

I did pretty good with the eats yesterday. No M&Ms or candy at all.

breakfast: oatmeal..again. & iced coffee. (not from anywhere. I have some powder stuff)
snack: chobani lemon yogurt … one cup of coffee
lunch: spinach salad w/ broccoli, turkey, & carrots

snack: pretzels
snack: banana (on my drive home from work)   & iced coffee when I got home from work.
dinner: baked (on the grill in aluminum foil) with zucchini, red potatoes, green beans & onions (SO DELISH!!)


I didn’t take a picture of it wrapped up in the aluminum foil, but that’s how Chris cooked it on the grill. I chopped up some red potatoes, zucchini, fresh green beans & onions. We put them in some aluminum foil with the fish and Chris cooked it on the grill for what seemed like for-ev-er!

It was SO tasty. The only problem was the grouper was a little dry. Chris said it’s because it was frozen for a few days. (This grouper was caught last weekend..not by Chris, but by my Dad’s friends) I LOVE having access to fresh fish, mmmmmm.

It’s so crazy that grouper is $20/lb at Publix. Chris said we had about $40 worth of grouper on our plates and we still have a gigantic filet to eat tomorrow night.


After work Chris & I went motorcycle helmet shopping. It’s much harder than it should be. There are not very many motorcycle places around so the pickins are slim. I want need a pink helmet. Unfortunately the place we went only had one, and I wasn’t throwing down the amount of money they wanted for it.


I’ll leave you with that little gem of a picture. Ha!


Happy Friday, y’all!!


You only have one life, live it.

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