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Do you have any tips for a runner trying to recover from anterior tibial tendonitis?

Posted by James B. Facebook

I'm 3 months into anterior tibial tendonitis and am getting frustrated with the slow progress. Still can't run more than a few miles with irritating it. I've been fitted with custom orthotics, am working on gastroc/soleous flexibility, and doing ankle stability exercises. I've given up on the regular icing. Also cross-training on the elliptical 4-5 times a week. Any suggestions?

Masters marathoner. Age 44. Ran a PR 2 weeks before the pain started. Never had this problem before.
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Here are some of my tips to help you while recovering from anterior tibial tendonitits:

1.  Avoid running on hard surfaces

2.  Avoid running up and down hills

3.  Make sure to take rest days

4.  Avoid speed running, try and maintain a constant running pace

5.  Don't run too many miles in one day

6.  Rest, ice, compression and elevation (don't give up on ice just yet)

7.  Try breaking up your runs - run a mile, walk one minute 

8.  Replace your shoes after 300 miles 

I would agree with Michelle, especially the tip on avoiding hills as it may cause additional strain to the muscle. Have you visited any health care providers? Graston or ART (soft tissue therapies) may be helpful for you based on the information you posted.
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