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Discomfort on the inside of the knee.

Posted by hopefulcrafty1

I recently began getting back into shape and exercising regularly.  I have found that I really enjoy running; however, I have begun to have discomfort around the inside of my knee cap.  More specifically, in the soft tissue areas just above and below the inside side of the knee cap.  It does not hurt when I exercise, but is discomfortable when I am at rest - like the knee is not able to relax.  I do not feel that this is severe enough to go to the doctor, but am more concerned at how to prevent any future injuries. 


Any advise on what could be causing this issue and how to alleviate the discomfort?

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Knee problems are common in runners. Immediately after running, ice the knee for 15 minutes to help reduce swelling. At bedtime put some low heat on the knee to help with healing. Worn shoes or the wrong shoes can cause knee problems. Roads have a curve or crown, and this means that one leg is reaching down more than the other leg. Change directions when you run such that each leg has its turn having to reach down more. If your legs and hips are working properly you shouldn't have knee problems, so be sure you stretch them every time you run. Here are the stretches I do.


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