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Did you know running can improve your memory?

Posted Jan 29 2010 6:09am

We’ve seen scientific evidence that juggling can help make your brain bigger. Now, research is showing that running can stimulate the creation of new brain cells too.

According to this article in the Dailymail, scientists have demonstrated that running brainrats who exercise on a running wheel had improved memories over those those who were sedentary.

In the study, they tested two groups of rats. One had access to a running ball while the other didn’t. After a few days, they conducted tests to measure the mental acuity of the rodents. The ones that ran scored twice as high on memory tests.

They took tissue samples from the brains and found that the running group had grown fresh grey matter.

More running = More brain = Better memory

So, if you are having a problem with your memory, start running. And if you really want to grow a giant brain, joggling may get you there even faster!

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