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Did a rest 1.3 mile hike with my grandkids

Posted Aug 12 2009 10:31pm
Four of my grandkids are visiting for a couple of weeks, and one is a Cub Scout who is nearing his birthday 10th birthday. We went on a family hike to fulfill one of his requirements. We had talked about what to do if they become lost on a hike or in a department store [stay where you are; don't move unless you need to for safety reasons], and we practiced that during the hike.

A couple of the grandkids walked ahead of us until they were out of sight. They then had to decide if they would stay put until they were discovered or if they would keep walking trying to find their way back. They had a whistle that they blew to make a noise. The rest of us walked down the path looking for them until we found them.

As we neared the end of the hike, I disappeared without telling the rest what I was doing. They reached the end of the hike and waited for me, but I didn't show up. So, a couple of the kids walked back along the trail looking for me, and they found me.
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