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Decisions: Motherhood, Working & Life

Posted Jun 14 2013 9:10am

The age old question that every mom asks and one that truly has no right or wrong answer: To work or stay at home. In the past 3 years I’ve had the opportunity to do both: work part-time while home part-time, work full-time and stay at home full-time. Over the past few months of being home I realized it truly isn’t for me! While I love my little girl and her independence and spunk I think I am too set in my ways and career focused to give that part of me away. I think I have come to the point of making this tough decision (and well thought out this time) once again. I knew it would come once I finished grad school. With a couple job offers I need to think…

Do I Continue to be a SAHM?
Like I said I don’t know that I have the patience for this. I have learned that this is the toughest job ever! I look up to women who can do this. But then I sit here thinking about the fun, spontaneous activities we do like jump in puddles the other day or riding bikes to the park. Will I miss these? Or will I cherish our time together more if I am gone? While financially we could do this like to travel and spent money!

Do I Become a Working Mom Again?
I always said I would never go back to full time work but it is starting to look that way. I haven’t worked full-time since my first year out of college 13 years ago! But these were crazy hours and I never knew what was night or day and the stress made me miserable, guess I can thank this for making me a runner (I needed stress relief and running was the answer!). From then on I have only worked 3-4 days per week and 6 years ago I was able to start working “normal” hours turning me into a morning person again. I’ve now reached another level of my career that I have been working towards and will soon sit for another board certification enabling me to expand my career, how can I not utilize what I worked for?

I am sitting here with just a few more hours to make a decision on a wonderful job offer in 99% of the aspects. Back in the area I truly loved and feel comfortable, back at the place where I began my career and working with a great, cohesive team (at least from what I can tell). While the hours are somewhat set there is flexibility J but the downside; full-time and 2 weekend days per month (guess that means a few less races a year! Will O be negatively affected by me working full-time? She is entering the phase of missing mommy or daddy again, last night was full out melt down as I left at bedtime to run with my mom running group.  

I sit here this morning cuddling on the couch with O, drinking my coffee and planning our day. Will I miss these days? I’m sure I will but is this job the right thing? I hope so. Or do I wait around for something else that might be not as great of a fit but with my perfect hours? Do I take the job close to home just because or take the better fit with the longer drive? Is it wrong that I also think of how working full-time will affect my workouts and marathon training? I guess it would mean more early morning and late night workouts.

While I know there is no right or wrong answer and it is truly about what is better for each mom, child, family I would love to hear how others have made this decision and how you felt. Did you regret working full-time? Or Did you enjoy kid time even more? 8 hours and my decision will be made…

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