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December Recap

Posted Jan 03 2013 6:00am
December Re-Cap:Miles Run: 131.7 Miles (+33.2)
(Bike Miles = 31)
# of Runs: 19 (-)
Avg Miles: 6.93 (+1.75)
2012 Total Miles: 1,073.9

Month Starting Weight: 169.2 lbs.
Month Ending Weight: 166.2 lbs.
Weight Change: -3 lbs

Race/Run Results:
No Official Races
"S" is for Santa 50K+ Fat Ass - 36.5 Miles: 8:1 0

January 1st 1-Mile Time Trail: 6:49 / mile
December 1st 3-mile Time Trial: 24:07 = 8:03 / mile (-0:48)
November 1st 3-mile Time Trial: 24:55 = 8:19 / mile
October 1st 3-mile Time Trial: 26:52 (Oct 16th) - 8:58 / mile
RunningRunning has been going great and it's actually hard to believe that I've been training for the Vermont 100 for 3 months all ready. I'm in a groove, found a rhythm and getting out to run has become habit. Though, I'll admit, it was rather difficult, during the week between Christmas to New Years, to motivate. 131 MIles of training. I feel likes it's been forever since I put together such a solid month and it's only getting better from here.
January mark's the annual streak competition and this is the 4th Annual. I'm humbled that some 30 folks have registered to run with us. We have a Facebook group going that is seeing traffic and use. I'm excited and I truly wish each and every one of those folks success in their January Streak. This years runners come from 12 states and 2 Continents! Awesome!
DietI lost another 3 pounds in December. I'll be honest, even though I weighed in at 166.2 today.. the scale read 165.2 late last week. This week was tough with the two holidays.. but I am so proud that I've managed to shed 9-10 pounds through my Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It took a lot of serious control on cravings. Good choices and no pigging out. I think the major thing I've proved to myself thus far is that I really mean business. I keep hear the voice of Massachusetts runner Greg Stone in the back of my head. Last April he told me that all of my running accomplishments thus far are mediocre at best.. and that I'd never qualify for Boston on even my best day. I think proving to myself that I can lose 10 pounds and get back to a regular training plan is step one. I'm not sure if I'll ever try and qualify for Boston.. simply because I don't care for the event.. but I feel that all of this work, in the end, will prove my dedication and that none of this.. is mediocre. Thanks for the motivation Greg. :)
See the Difference Yet?
In the end folks.. running and diet.. I'm out here trying to prove something. If you want something bad enough, and you put your mind to it, you'll get it. Some folks have tried to disprove this sentiment to me.. I'm not buying it. Anyone can accomplish great things.. no matter how large or small.. it's all in how you evaluate greatness. Whatever you're working towards this year.. it's a new year. Lay your cards down and lets go. It's all ready too late, but not too late to start. 
January PreviewThe Streak is on! Plus a 50K Fat Ass in Boulder that.. I'm not hosting.. and then my own Frozen Front Range Marathon at the end of the month. I'm hoping to run over 175 miles in January with the streak intact. I'm even spending a week in Florida.. bring on the hot and humid!
This Month's Motivational Video
I sincerely hope each and every one of you finds what motivates you in 2013. Be it a picture, a person, a cause.. Whatever. Let it spring you into action. Action that promotes a better you, and a better world around you. Continue to make this place better than you found it. And pay it forward by helping to inspire and motivate others.

Turn off the news! As someone who used to work for an ABC news affiliate.. I can certify to you that the news is poisoning you. Its so far beyond the facts now. Now its all story, hyperbole, agenda, politics, and advertiser driven. The news.. Teaches us NOTHING.. So turn it off.

Find your happiness.. Fill your life with it. Don't spend all of your time chasing rain showers. Chase rainbows. What REALLY makes you happy? Dare yourself to ask and answer this question often. Stick with what works. Take a chance.. Go for it.

BE HONEST. Time to stop all the lying, storytelling, overembelishing. Be honest with yourself and others. They'll respect you an awful lot more for it. Remember that a lie breeds a lie breeds a lie. Don't live with that burden. Its not worth the outcome. If you need to lie.. You NEED to wake up.

Love. Not just yourself. Not just your family. But your friends. Your neighbors. STRANGERS. Say hello. Make eye contact. Lets stop living in a world where we fear each other and "don't talk to strangers." Lets live in a world where we care for each other. Learn about and share with each other. We need this now more than ever.

Love and respect your parents. They did their best. The best they knew how. You may not agree with all they've said or done. But remember that parenting doesn't come with a damn instruction manual. They did the best they knew how. Thank them for it.

Finally... Don't spend your life dreaming dreams. Chase them. Don't chase somedays. Live todays and plan tomorrow. You only live once and this isn't a practice trip. Find your potential as a human and excel with it. We have amazing tools.. Our two best are our brain and our heart. Use your tools.

With love,
Sherpa John
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