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December Goals

Posted Nov 30 2012 5:31pm

This month seem to fly by in a blur!  Especially the last two weeks.  My normal everyday training went out the door and my eating habits seem to have followed suit.

Last two weeks fitness recap is rather sad but here it is (lots of “rest” days):

  • Saturday:  Rest Day
  • Sunday:  Rest Day
  • Monday:  3 Mile walk with the boys
  • Tuesday:  8 mile run/jog with the boys (they rode their scooters)
  • Wednesday – Friday:  Lazy Rest Day
  • Saturday:  Ran in the Kaiser 5K – 21:31, pace 6:58
  • Sunday:  Rest Day
  • Monday:  Rest Day,
  • Tuesday:  Hills/Intervals on the Treadmill (5.5 miles) plus Strength Training focusing on Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps
  • Wednesday:  Rest Day
  • Thursday:  7.5 miles, 8:06 pace, plus Tone Up Everywhere
  • Friday:  7.5 miles, 8:15 pace, plus strength Training focusing on Chest, ABs

My Fitness Plan of attack for December; write it down!  I would like to run in the Gulf Coast Half Marathon on Jan 13th but need to get my mileage base up.  Decembers goal have been set and here they are!

  • Run – 120 miles/30 miles a week
  • Bike – 80 miles/20 miles a week
  • Swim – 12 miles/3 miles a week
  • Strength Train at three times a week
  • Count my calories on MyFitnessPal everyday; including Christmas Day


Have you set your December goals?  Do you feel it helps to have them written down?

Meanwhile in adventures of the Jennings clan….

Wednesday Trey and Chase had a well check appointment at the Doctor’s office.  We sit in the waiting room for our allotted 45 minutes before being called back.  The boys did have their Kindles to keep them entertained so it wasn’t to bad.  The doctor starts with Trey.  He is checking him out, looks in his ears, turns to me and asked when did he stick the crayon in his ear?  I just look at the doctor with a dumbstruck look on my face and ask, excuse me?  I really thought the doctor was playing a joke on me, but he proceeds to start digging  something blue out of Trey’s ear.  It was actually an eraser and the doctor luckily was able to get a majority of it out of Trey’s ear.  Which saved us a trip to the ENT to have it sucked out.  Trey did not remember when it happen?  And the mom of the year award goes to… 


(With three boys and one big boy I have some stories to tell!  There is truly never a dull moment at our house.  Meanwhile in adventures of the Jennings Clan is a new addition to my blog.  It’s meant to make you smile or even laugh out loud.  Hope you enjoy!  Also I would love some feedback.  Let me know what you think!)

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