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Dear Self, stick with it.

Posted May 03 2011 10:18pm

Happy Hump Day

So since running really isn’t working out for me these days I have to do something else. All day Tuesday I was thinking about what type of work out I was going to do when I got home.

I talked talked to Carolyn earlier in the day and she mentioned she had started back to Yoga and it was helping her injury. I thought I might do Jillian Michael’s Yoga Melt Down . Sounded like a good idea. It’s a good hard work out and it gets a sweat brewing.

Then I got home. Jillian didn’t sound like such a good idea anymore. I wanted something a little more intense. Something that would really make my heart rate sore. JM makes me sweat, but she doesn’t make me feel like I want to die.

I went to the on-demand work outs that Brighthouse offers, but as per usual for the last 2 weeks they are not working. DO YOU HEAR THAT BRIGHTHOUSE, GET IT TOGETHER. TWO WEEKS WITHOUT ON-DEMAND WORK OUTS IS HORRIBLE.

Nothing was sounding appealing. Bob Harper? No. 30 Day Shred? No. Hmph.

Then it happened. I remembered that my sister gave me Insanity for-ev-er ago. I tried the fit test a while back when my knee was bothering me. I couldn’t get through the warm up because my knee was so painful.

Today was my day. I was going to do that fit test and see how I did.



Insanity recommends that you do the Fit test first, and then ever 2 weeks during the program.

My results from my first fit test on 5/3/2011:

Switch kicks : 65
power jacks: 49
power knees: 72
power jumps: 45
globe jumps: 10  (this was a really weird test)
suicide jumps: 14
push up jacks: 15
low plank obliques: 45

I am actually really pleased with my results. I didn’t know what to expect or the fit test since I didn’t make it to the actual test the first time I tried it. I thought the exercises were challenging, and intense. I’m pretty excited to try some more of Insanity.

              DSC03300 DSC03301

I was trying to take pictures in between the exercises. Kinda shaky when my heart was racing 400bpm.


Phew. I survived. I also really liked the cool down. I felt like it was thorough and allowed me enough time to actually cool down and get my HR down to a reasonable level.

My only problem is that since I’m borrowing this from my sister I don’t have a book that goes with it. Does it have a book? I have a calendar thing that tells me which DVD I’m supposed to do each day. It has a work out Monday-Saturday. That seems like a lot. We’ll see how I do.

For dinner I made fish tacos. I’ve never made them before so I just used what I had in the fridge.

DSC03304 DSC03306 DSC03305 DSC03307


Clearly I’m not a food blogger, but you get the picture. I ate the broccoli separately , not in the taco. That would have been really weird. I baked the fish & broccoli for 20 minutes. Took the broccoli out then put the fish back in for 5 more minutes. I sauteed up the onion, zucchini & yellow peppers until they were soft. I also put a little salsa on my taco then chowed down. mmmmmmm.

Have you tried insanity or P90x, both? Did you do the whole program?

You only have one life, so live it !!

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