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Dear Miss [Blogging] Manners…

Posted Jan 15 2011 7:31pm
Posted by Elizathon on Jan 15th, 2011 in |

Is it just me? Or does it annoy you guys too? Maybe my narcissism is showing a bit too much here, and I’ll be the first to admit I got a big oneego that isbut I am a firm believer in social networking etiquette. Manners, people, I am talking manners. So let me hop up on my high horse and set this up for you.

You visit a blog and you like what you see, or maybe you don’t like what you see all that much, but you want to be supportive for whatever reason [e.g., your brother’s 10-year-old kid started a blog on World of Warcraft, which you really could care less about, but you are a nice aunt]so you frequent the blog on a regular basis, and occasionally you leave a clever, insanely funny comment on the latest post. You go back to the blog many times over several weeks to months (you visit consistently in other words) and you continue to read the posts and make very clever, witty comments (I AM a very clever, witty person, you know), sprinkled with the occasional sympathetic comment “Atta boy! Keep up the good work!” or “I so feel your pain.” And even the occasional brown-nosing (but sincere) comment, “That’s why I love this blog….your posts are awesome.” But here’s the kicker…the author of the blog never acknowledges you, not even once. Not even a “Thanks dude,” reply to one of your comments.

Now I do NOT mean to suggest that I expect a blogger to respond personally to all comments of his or her readers (even my comments, witty and intelligent as they are, don’t always deserve a response). I certainly understand some blogs get LOTS of comments (my blog does not, so I actually have the luxury [and desire] to respond personally to each commentin most cases), and I understand there is no way some authors could respond to each comment without completely boring both him- or herself and the reader to death. What I do mean though is when the blogger makes no acknowledgment whatsoever in any way, shape, or form that my loyalty as a reader (and someone who actually comments on his or her blog, which all us bloggers really like) means anything to him or her. No polite return-the-favor visit to my blog with the requisite, “Neat blog!” comment (just one visit and one comment is all it takes to make me happy), no email saying, “I appreciate you reading my blog and making comments. I read your blog too!” (even if you lie and don’t really read my blog), or even an occasional blanket acknowledgment to all the readers, like ““WOW, thanks readers. I read each and every one of your comments on my post today and I really appreciate every single one of them.” Hey, even that appeals to narcissistic me. Doing any of the above show a humble, friendly side to the blogger. Any of the above would show to me that the blogger really does care about his or her readers, and that means a lot to the people who are reading the blog! (And I gotta figure that if someone is writing a blog, then that person would like other people to read it, so don’t give me the “Well, I only do this as a journal to keep myself accountable.” I call BullSh*T on that. If you only wanted to keep a journal, you wouldn’t post it on the internet and allow anyone access to it.)

Personally, after a period of time, after being loyal to a blog and reading it on a regular basis and making comments on a regular basis, if that blogger doesn’t acknowledge me, either by commenting on my blog, or responding to one of my comments, or using the blanket “Thank you readers! I read all of your comments!” if that blogger cannot even tip his or her virtual hat to me in the virtual hallway with a “Thanks for reading,” it leaves me feeling, well, used and abused, like the girl who makes out with the boy Friday night during the party behind the couch only to have that boy totally ignore her at school on Monday.

Most of the writers of blogs I frequent have been nice enough to visit (and comment on) my blog, or send me an email, or respond occasionally to one of my comments within their own blogs, and I really appreciate that. It makes me feel loved and appreciated. I do the same with people who comment on my blog (hopefully I haven’t ever missed anyone). But there are a few blogs on which I used to comment often who never once acknowledged me as a reader, and frankly, I don’t visit their blogs anymore. So I ask you again. Is it just me who gets annoyed when a blogger doesn’t ever acknowledge any of my comments? Am I being overly sensitive or ego-centric? Or, even worse, maybe this never happens to you guys and only happens to me (perish the thought).

So thanks for reading my rambling, non-running related post, dear dear readers (all three of you) whom I love (see how I just acknowledged you? Don’t you feel good now?). That’s my soap-box post for the week. Stay tuned. Tomorrow night I will post a video of the first long run of marathon training…I hope to anyway…if I can get my little Flip to cooperate. I am sure it will be sexy and spectacular.

Happy running (and use your manners in the blog world).

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