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Day Two: Still Bitching!

Posted Sep 11 2012 12:45pm
Yup. Day two and I'm still pissing and moaning through my measly 5 miler. This morning I got to bitch and moan to Steve! (I am a SUPER fun running partner).

Don't worry. I'm not going to be posting every single OMFGwillSheEverShutTheFuckUp day during training. But, I was going to ask you guys a question (all 4 of you). For my Half Marathon Training, I recapped the previous week's training every Monday-ish here on the blog. I told you what my planned workouts were and how they turned out. When I started that, I was using it as a tool for me to go back and look and see what I did (in case my Coach dumps me one day). But, HELLO dumbass, that's what my running log is for.

All this to say... is anyone interested in a weekly re-cap of training? Sometimes when I see other bitches weekly re-caps it just kinda makes me hate them because regardless of who they are, I always compare my own training to theirs. (Mostly just the bitches who are faster and more successful at running than I am. Jealous much?).

Let me know if you'd like the weekly re-caps... either way, I'll probably hit the highlights of my training: the intervals where I imagine all the different ways that I can torture Bart Yasso, the long runs where I want to blow my brains out from boredom, the tempo runs where I think of all the different ways I can torture my Coach, the falls where I scrape the shit out of my knees, and just my general crabbiness about failures and my over the top excited rainbows and unicorns talk when things are going well.
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