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Day Two of Feeling Great, A Couple of Personal Milestones and Impact of the Mental Demons Blog

Posted May 20 2011 12:00am
Today is another great day training wise, that is once I convinced myself to get out of bed. Once I got out of bed, a half hour to drag myself out, I checked my email. Yes, I have priorities and email is normally very high on the list. Typically I check to see if I woke up alive. If I pass that first check then I know it should be at least a decent day. Then I check the weather and my email. I’m glad I checked the email today because it really helped to motivate me and this morning’s workout. I received an email from a reader that truly hit home to me. It ensured me that I was not alone and that others were having the same training, eating and fitness struggles. It was a real kick in my motivational backside and I couldn’t get my running clothes on fast enough. Thanks Connie for the email and the comments. You helped to get me out the door this morning and I am so glad I did.

The run today was what I had been waiting for. The weather mid 50’s, little wind and some fog. I started slowly but ended up hitting a couple of personal milestones today. The first is the amount of time that I actually ran compared to walking. In my neighborhood I have 33 fire hydrants on my route. As I said yesterday I play a game of trying to run as many of them as possible. Sometimes it is one and then walk one or two. On good days I do as many doubles as possible. The most I ever have done is 16 fire hydrants, that is until this morning. Today I ran 18 fire hydrants and felt great. The second milestone is believe it or not but this week is the most miles I have ever put in during a given week. Funny but I have a 6 mile group run tomorrow as well so it really will be a long week mileage wise. Twenty five miles may not be a lot of miles for most runners but for me just beginning it is a proud achievement. I think I have had months where I have not done 25 miles. Sadly I have done roughly a third of my mileage all in the last week. Boy have I been a slacker over the last few months. Maybe I needed to hit bottom in a sense at the Cellcom race to jump start my training. I feel really good at the moment. But that would be just my luck that I just start getting my act together and feeling good about my training and then the world will end. Oh well, what a way to go out during a training group run.
I have gotten some feedback on my “Mental Demons” blog a few days ago. I won’t go into specifics but I really struggled about whether to publish that blog or not. I almost didn’t and even as of last night seriously considered pulling it from the site. It was certainly a very raw and personal statement of how I felt and was nervous on how it would be taken. In a sense I was trying to exercise some demons I had and give myself a declaration of sorts to “put up or shut up” in regards to doing the race. Apparently it touched some of you and showed that others are struggling as well with their training. I am happy if it helped anyone in any way. I am very humbled in recent days as I have gotten very kind and supportive emails. For some I am motivating you while others I am entertaining you. I am just pleased that my experiences, thoughts and words are being read. It’s wonderful to be living in a time where I am able to share my experiences with you as we work towards common goals. Thank you for your comments, interest in the blog and for being supportive to me during this time. But I also had some "concerned" comments as well. There is nothing to be concerned about and as you can tell over the last couple of days I am in a much better frame of mind. So thanks, but I'll be fine.
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