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day 737...learn from my mistakes.

Posted Jul 23 2010 9:02am
I knew that there would be many valuable lessons to learn along the way of this Ironman journey of mine. I guess I didn't expect the first to happen so soon. Yes, one of those VERY important lessons was learned, the hard way, at spin class this very morning.

Lesson number one: Choose your spin class attire wisely.

In fact, perhaps you shouldn't take any chances, and just go ahead and wear your bike or tri shorts to class. The risks, well they are too great.

If you find that all of your normal built-in-brief-therefore-not-going-to-ride-up-and-shift-around running shorts are either in the dirty laundry pile, or so far back in your closet b ut you can't dig around for fear of waking up the two angry morning bears in your bed (a.k.a. hubby and toddler who snuck in, again, at some point in the middle of the night) just put on the tri shorts. Never, ever second guess your decision at 4:45 a.m., as you look at yourself in your bright royal blue De Soto shorts in a full length mirror, and worry about looking ridiculously over dressed by wearing cycling gear to a spin class. Ignore that extra little roll /indent in the thigh the shorts give you. And most of all do not fear what the other gym goers, most likely too consumed with their own sweaty selves to care, may think.

However, if, per chance, someone does give you a funny sideways glance, let it roll off your back.

Because you know what's far, far worse than people passing judgement on your choice of outfit?

Chafing. Chafing in places that should never, ever be chafed. EVER.

Yes friends, this morning I gave into my "I'm new at this gym" insecurities and chose the super cute but not highly functional on a saddle shorts over the a little snug but what difference does it make anyway padded shorts. And let's just say it resulted in 45 horrible minutes of trying to inconspicuously rearrange said cute shorts so frequently I must have looked like I had ants in my pants. I was MISERABLE. That 45 minute class felt like HOURS. And instead of getting sideways glances from people regarding my choice of shorts, I received sideways , highly concerned glances from the spin instructor, who must have wondered if I was about to fall off of the bike.

But we can all look back and laugh at it now, right? Ouch. Right.

Lesson learned. Function before fashion. Always. I hope sharing my story spares someone else's, uhhh, "places that should not be chafed" from future spin class damage .

I told you this Ironman journey would be an adventure! I never promised it would always be pretty (or not contain too much information, haha)
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