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Day 7: Early Rise

Posted Dec 15 2012 7:50pm
I started my Saturday bright and early by being at the gym by 8am. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical followed by an hour long weight lifting session. I really burned out my arms today! After that I went grocery shopping and did laundry (fun times). This afternoon I went to a cookie party. No I did not cheat and eat any cookies. I did have a small glass of red wine. That is what I am allowing myself to have if I *have* to drink in social settings. Marissa did invite me out to da club tonight so I am going to partake and go back to my early 20s to "The Liquor Store"( Bostonians' are saying ugh gross). It's definitely your typical club but oh well better than sitting home on the couch dreaming of mac and cheese! (kidding).

Speaking of cheese holy crap! I haven't had it in a week. I did give it up for Lent once and went 40 days. Honestly I am not even craving it (yet) and when that time comes depending on my progress I will go to Whole Foods and buy something decadent. That won't be happening anytime soon though as I have committed to 2 months strict Paleo. I also told my trainer AT LEAST 50 lbs was coming off no matter what! (You heard me!) No cheating unless I absolutely have to. Everyone is allowed ONE meal a week as an "open" meal which means you can have non Paleo items. This is set up for special occasions where you might be somewhere you have to eat and its not completely Paleo. I mean they get it. It is the 21st century, although I am sure the cavemen had some rockin parties (haha get it rock parties) Ok I'll stop.

I seriously thought I ate like a PIG today but considering I burned 700 cals at the gym I really didnt..Funny how the mind thinks sometimes.

Pre workout
Almond Butter

Post Workout
2 eggs
4oz of Ham Steak

Pork with Broccoli

Fresh Fruit Salad
Few more bites of pork
4 walnuts and a handful of sunflower seeds
One of the FLAT Paleo choc chip cookies I made last night

4oz Red Wine

5 slices of Bacon
Chopped spinach
Guacamole for one! (One avocado, 1/4 tomato, 1/4 jalapeno, garlic, cilantro, S&P)

Today at the gym I did pull ups and dips using this crazy machine...I look exactly like this chic when I do it too (NOT!...YET)

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