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Day 10/11: Holiday Party

Posted Dec 19 2012 8:53pm
As we know the Holidays are a busy time. People keep asking why are you uprooting your eating right now?! My response is so I am not 10 lbs heavier in January lol

Last night I went to my friends Leah and Sam's house for a holiday party. I have known Leah for years. She is one of my best friends sisters.Love to Allie and Alex! I don't see her and Sam as often as I wish but they are two awesome, awesome ladies! Leah is the Executive Chef at Local 149 and it was awesome because I got to meet Johnny, the chef at Biltmore Bar and Grille . I am stoked because they are running a Paleo dinner on 1/29. Should be a great time. We had lots of great food and laughs last night. Yes I did have some organic red wine but it is the holidays. I really am trying to avoid it but it is hard! I have at least limited my alcohol intake to red wine and cider (gluten/grain free). After NYE I am off of alcohol for awhile so I can yield some serious results. Overall I am really proud of myself and I will continue to keep Paleo through the holidays!

Yesterdays Menu
2 eggs
3 mini beef patties
Coffee with coconut creamer

Trail Mix

Spinach with Chicken, Veggies, Olive Oil and Lemon
1/2 sweet potato

At the party I didn't count portions exactly, picked at food,but kept it Paleo minus the Red wine.

Handfuls of Olives, hearts of palm, carrots, celery, tomato, pepperoni, pineapple

Garlic Shrimp, Chicken wings, sauteed mushrooms

Todays Menu
2 eggs
1 Paleokit  PaleoKrunch granola bar
Coffee with coconut creamer

Salad with Veggies and Olive Oil
1/2 sweet potato
PaleoKrunch Granola (2 servings)

6oz Salmon
Roasted eggplant
Butternut Squash

Monday and Today I did UFX, yesterday I did not work out.

PaleoKrunch is amazing!

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