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Posted Mar 08 2013 2:00am

Listening to: 2 baby monitors at the same time. One is silent and in one I can hear a tiny little squeak every few minuets.

Planning: My weight loss strategy. I have never been so eager to JUMP with both feet on that wagon. I usually give myself Grace for the first month and then jump in full force!
Wishing For: Strength and wisdom as I learn how to be a mother of 3 children 3 and under.

Thinking about: A LOT of things! 
The kids have mostly been occupying my thoughts these past few sleep deprived days. I am thinking of Tosh constantly as I need to tend to him 24 hours a day but I am also thinking a lot of Ginger and Milton. I am trying to be very purposeful and deliberate in my actions with them. It's no surprise that they are a little high strung after the introduction of Tosh into our family. I am trying to be very calm, patient, understanding and kind with them; trying to take extra time to really hear their needs and help them through this. They need a lot of extra love right now.

Craving: A good, hard, long RUN!!!! (but first I'll settle for a lot of long power walks with my double BOB stroller)
Looking forward to: The day when I can pop on my skinny jeans and heels and go out on a family date. I would love nothing more.
Working on: Patience and grace as I navigate the first few months with 3 kids in 3 and under.
Reading: Not reading! I have found a major rut in reading since the birth of my kids. I think the only books I have managed to read have been on marathon training and that was last year:)
Feeling:  Happy, Scared, Content, Overwhelmed with joy and fear, Love

Learning: How to be an awesome mom. 
My husband only got 2 days off work when Tosh arrived so it was pretty much me and them right off the bat. YIKES. No learning curve here. The first night I had them all for dinner, bath, bedtime it was a disaster. The kids got PB&J sandwiches and no bath. Plus they had to go down early because little Tosh would not stop fussing. I couldn't put him down for 30 seconds. I was a wreck by the nights end.
The second night came around and I knew I could not have things going that way all the time so I tried over and over again to nurse Tosh and then put him down. I tried putting him in the swing, in the sling, on the bed, in the crib, in the bouncer. NO, He was not having it.  I tried it about 12 times and He cried bloody murder all 12 times so it wasn't real successful at first but after an hour and a half he finally stayed where I put him and slept. I'm learning ans one of these days the toddlers will get their teeth brushed and their hair washed.
Making me happy: The smell of Tosh in bed right next to me; Clean sheets and a hot shower; The way Milton snuggles up to me in the morning when he's sleepy. Watching Ginger dance and dance and dance in circles in the living room to anything that even comes close to resembling a song. Watching my husband hold the new baby. Sleep when I can get some. 
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