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Crowds, Kids, and Conversation...What I Learned in 3.1 Miles

Posted Aug 12 1970 12:00am

Since my first race in November 2008, I've run in two more events: WESH 2s Run Around the Universe in late January, and the Florida Hospital /Lady Track Shack "pink" 5k to fight breast cancer in early February.

The January race was a bitterly cold morning, in the 30s, and my toes were actually numb for the first mile or so of the race (weird feeling, and probably not so safe for a diabetic!), in spite of warming up for nearly 45 minutes prior to the start. The course covered the backlots of both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, with many inclines and declines, which wreaked absolute havoc on my knees. My left knee completely gave out in the 2nd mile of the race, and I limped along to finish. Disappointed in my time, 32:51, I walked across the finish line and a made a mental note to be ready for the uneven surface next year!
The February race was a week or so later, and turned out to be another cold morning in central Florida. The course wound through a portion of Winter Park , and had an incline in the final mile, much like the first race in November, but this time, it was nearly the entire last mile. The camaraderie of running with all women was kind of cool, but I really thought I was going to throw up as I finished this one! Seems, from Hubby's report, I wasn't the only one feeling that way. It was rough! PR: 33:50 Not a good race day at all! This was also the day I pulled a hamstring muscle, which I'm still limping through, six months later... ouch!
As a result of the pulled muscle (mostly), and life happening as it will, the next few months proved to be "fits and starts" as I felt like running some days and not others. I saw a sports massage therapist to deal with the hamstring and she informed me my piriformis muscle was the cause of the discomfort, apparently pretty common in runners. Fabulous!

Dealing with daily pain, trying to juggle two jobs, and all the other things that come with life, I found myself walking or running only one or two days per week. Result: the scale began to creep up as the clothing got a little snug again.

So here it is August, and I've been back at my running for several weeks now, trying to commit to 4% at least 4 days per week. I admit - I don't get out there every, single day, but I'm doing the best I'm (apparently) willing to do, and now, with a 10k looming over me, in less than 60 days, I'm really pushing.

Have run 4 1/2 miles several days over the past week, usually on the treadmill, because it's so darn hot here in central Florida in August. I set the treadmill to a 1 - 1.5% incline, which is to adjust for the lack of wind resistance you'd have outdoors.

To help keep me on track (and because I like statistics!), I bought a Timex Digital Transmission Heart Rate Monitor a few months ago. I'm monitoring my HR to keep myself in a zone that increases fat burning, instead of just focusing on calories burned. Did you know you actually have to slow down to work in your fat-burning zone?

So now you know my story.... I continue to run circles around the turtles as I plug along at my slow pace. But as long as I'm moving forward, well, I'm headed toward the finish line.......
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