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Crossfit & Running: Decisions

Posted Aug 17 2012 7:51am
My new domain.

So, I did it.

I cancelled my official Crossfit membership at the box (as of August 28th.) This isn't "good bye," it's just "see ya later."

When I first went to cancel, I couldn't do it. I thought, WHY on earth would stop doing something that's been so amazingly fulfilling?

But, I weighed my options. My six month session is up but right now I'm struggling to marathon train and constantly feel guilty if I miss Crossfit (b/c of cost and just liking it so much.)

I looked at all the other boxes in the area to see if there were any lower rates and it turns out, mine ( Trident Crossfit in Del Ray ) is the lowest one at $180/month as opposed to $199/month and another at $208/month. Yowza! I know, but that's the big city for ya I guess. Also, I keep hearing that Trident is one of the most prestigious in the country so it's nice that they have low (er) rates. The staff is excellent and I have a great experience there.

Some people encouraged me to talk with the owners about a discounted rate for free advertising on the blog. To be honest, I am too much of a wimp to even ask. I felt like I was just going to look cheap or be annoying if it I did (even if that is not a rational thought, I thought it.) giving up the box -- for now -- I will be able to focus in on marathon training, save a few hundred bucks and test out my WOD-from-home skillz :)

Unfortunately, I won't have a rower while I'm "on leave." (at Trident)
For those that WOD from home, what basic equipment do you have?

I'll be using the mini-gym in my apartment complex, which doesn't have much. So here are the basics I'm going to have or buy to get this thing done
  • Set of free weights (up to 45lbs)
  • 15lb medicine ball
  • ab roller (barbell rollouts)
  • fitness box (box jumps)
  • 35 lb kettle bell
  • jump rope
  • basic barbell w/ 2 sets weights (*only if it's not too expensive)
  • Ultimate sandbag (*might compromise with something else)
Bonus: stretchy strap for assisted pull ups, lacrosse ball, foam roller

My apartment gym has a treadmill, elliptical and recumbent bike. It also has one of those large, all-purpose fitness contraptions that you can multiple exercises on, including pull ups. Additionally, there is a bench I can use.

I'm looking forward to giving this a try as crosstraining on my off running days. The plan is to run 3 days per week and crosstrain 3 days a week with one rest day.

Crosstraining on the elliptical

It's going to take self-discipline. I can't let it up though. I did, after all, just "get" my kipping pull up this week!'ll be good for me and I'll be darn glad I started making these marathons a priority when the day(s) come.

QUESTION: If you Crossfit at home or have thought about it, what other equipment do you think I should/could get? What items around the house can be used as fitness devices?
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