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CrossFit Elements Day One

Posted Nov 14 2012 8:06am

Guys, I think I’m going to really like this whole CrossFit thing.

Crossfit gm

It feeds my competitive side and I love that about a workout.

Right now, I’m in an eight session intro class that my gym calls CrossFit Elements. The point of Elements is to teach us the basic movements that are used in regular CrossFit classes so that we can do them safely with the proper form and not feel lost in the class.

I love, love, love that my first several classes are with people who are just as new to this whole thing as I am.

It made me feel so much less intimidated when I got to the gym last night.

CrossFit rings

Last night’s class was an hour and we learned about five different exercises before doing our first intro-style workout of the day.

We tackled the goblet squat , ring rows , planks and push-ups and something else that I’m forgetting. (Links go to demos of the moves, if you’re curious)

Most hilarious part of the class was probably when I almost fell on my face trying to do a pushup in proper CrossFit form. I’m going to need to work on that whole upper body strength thing.

Then we did our first mini-WOD — the part of the class I was most looking forward to.

This was the workout:

  • 7 goblet squats
  • 7 ring rows

Repeat three times for time.

Our instructor had all the girls use blue kettlebells (which I later found out weighed 12 kgs or about 26.5 pounds). I will probably use a heavier weight next time because I think that amount is a little too light for me.

I was the second one in our group of seven to finish the workout, and I finished in 5:10. One of the guys beat me, but I was only a couple seconds behind him.

Yea, CrossFit is definitely going to fuel my competitive side. I had a ton of fun in the class and I’m really looking forward to Thursday’s session. I can definitely see why people love CrossFit so much.

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