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Cross Training and a Positive Attitude

Posted Mar 12 2012 11:47am
Having spent my last post whinging and whining about how much I hate cross training and woe it me etc etc, today was such a beautiful day with the sun shining that I just couldn't help but be in a fantastic mood.

I'm off work for 2 weeks so a day like today is brilliant because I can actually get outside and enjoy the sunshine. I started the day by making sure I got the chores done and got all the washing hanging out but once that was done Zac and I decided to head over to the park with a magazine and a tennis ball (magazine for me, tennis ball for Zac). We sat out in the sun for about an hour and a half and then we played fetch until Zac was tired out.

Since Zac had done all his exercise I thought it only appropriate that I do mine as well so I got changed and put my new Brooks Union Jack racers on and head to the gym. I love driving when the weather is good because I can pump up the tunes and wind the windows down, nothing like a good sing song in the car to put me in a great mood.

When I got to the gym the place was pretty empty except for the usual group of guys in the boy corner. All the treadmills were free and I was really tempted to have a go but I was sensible and instead got on the cross trainer. I did a 20 minute interval session on the cross trainer and then a 20 min hill session on the bike. I was going to go on the rower but I wimped out and instead went and did 20 sit ups and 20 (girly) press ups.

I finished the work out with a go on a couple of the weight machines and I've decided I will do more weights in my workouts because my arms are weak and flabby and I don't like it!

Now I'm back at home watching Zac sunbathe in the garden whilst we wait for RP to get home from work. I think a nice jacket potato for dinner with some salad will be just what the doctor ordered later. Speaking of doctors I'm trying to get in to see mine this week about my hurty knee.


Portions of 5 a Day: 2 so far but am about to have a plum for a snack and will have 2 with dinner
Loads of washing done: 4!!!
Dogs walked: 1
Cross training sessions done: 1
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