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Cross Training…pick one!

Posted Mar 29 2011 12:00am

Workout Wanda: 3.51 mile lunch run @ 8:55 (speedy, sunny, awesome)

I’ve been thinking about training plans and trying to figure out what I need to be putting into mine. Mostly I have been looking into what my options are for cross training…

Group Classes:
Body Pump/Just Pump Class
Spin/Indoor Cycling Class
Yoga/Pilates/Yoga Ball
Cardio Classes – Zumba, Cardio Fusion, Aerobic Mix

Gym Rattin’ It:
AMT Thingy-ma-bob

Outdoor Wanderings:
Mountain Biking
Road Biking

My ultimate conclusion…I do not like group fitness! I’ve tried a few of the classes I mention above including Zumba , Cardio Fusion , Just Pump ( Part I , Part II , Part III ), and Yoga/Pilates Fusion . In the end I do not like group classes….something to do with the group mentality and attempting to keep up with all the random moves.

However, I do like spin/indoor cycling. I don’t know what it is – maybe the fact that it is not complicated and I don’t need to be coordinated? Yeah, I’m not coordinated.

As far as the gym goes…I prefer to use it for spinning, lifting and that’s about it. The only time I really get on the machines is if we have horrible weather or if I’m fighting off an injury!

Basically, I am figured out what my scheduled cross training will belifting with NROLFW and early morning spin classes. Of course I will be headed outside for some biking with Chris as soon as the weather clears up a bit!

I will eventually be all excited and post the *official* training plan for the Eau Claire Half…you know, that half marathon coming up in less than 5 weeks. I plan ahead people, I really do!

What do you do for cross training?
How often do you cross train?

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