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Cross-train ‘deeze

Posted Dec 18 2010 10:05am

I am not much of a cross trainer. Ok that’s an exaggeration. I do NO cross training. I am not proud of it. I know that I should do other activities besides just running. But I LIKE to run. And I don’t really like the other activities that seem to go hand in hand with running, like biking, swimming, strength training. If I ever get sidelined by a running injury, then I guess I will just curl up into a ball and just completely give up. Of course, it is rather difficult to get a running injury when one is only averaging about 15 miles a week. And normally, I am perfectly content just maintaining my current fitness level. Running for me isn’t a means to an end. Just being able to run whenever, wherever, for however long is the end for which I strive.

Occasionally, however, I am overcome with a desire to actually improve my running. You know…maybe run a little faster. I know really the only way to be able to run faster is to, well, run faster. And running faster requires practice. Lots of practice. Practice breathing and pacing and what it feels like to be outside the comfort zone and feeling that burn. It’s hard, damn it! But there is nothing like that feeling of running a distance faster than you ever have.

This coming January I start marathon training for a race in May. I would like to run this marathon faster than I ran my last one. I know of course that I will need to practice running faster for longer periods of time during my training. But I also am thinking maybe I should try a little cross training. I know, I know…that’s crazy talk. But that’s what I am thinking. I even have already started to do sit-ups every night…thanks to Marathon Mama’s 300 challenge . So my question to you, my hundreds of thousands of readers, is what is the best kind of cross training for someone training to run a marathon? Do you cross train? What’s you favorite form of cross training? I seriously want to know!

Now stop procrastinating and get that Christmas shopping done!

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