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critters and bugs

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:47pm
Things have been coming in two's lately. Today I had two quality runs, one with Rocky my chocolate lab on Turkey Mountain. Rocky is a duathlete. He runs and swims. We ran 5.4 miles, taking in some of the blue trail, and then north to sitting rock, then west for some seldom used trails along Mooser Creek. We found our way over to the YMCA, then headed straight south along the area where the #@**!#! developers want to put buildings in our playground. From there, we ran a small part of the Snake trail and headed home. Along the way, I picked up two ticks! I thought surely my tick count was stopped at 114 for the year, but it now is at 116! Sorry, the tick-pics did not turn out. :-(

Then I ran again, this time with the Wednesday night trail running group made up of Taturs Kurt and Shelley, Glenn, Vicky, and Darryl. Usually I cannot keep up with their pace, but they were going a little easier tonight. I took a couple of falls when I kicked rocks or roots. With all the recent road running I have done, I am not picking up my feet.

Last night, I caught two possums! We evidently have had a family of possums living in our garage. They tear things up, mostly shredding dog food and cat food bags. Our outside cat feeder has been drained daily by these ravenous creatures. So I have had a trap set to catch them. It's a cage with a trap door, and it has not been working all that well. But yesterday, I caught a big one. Later, My son Jason heard noise in the garage, and another possum had turned over a trash can and was rummaging around inside of it. So, we placed the open cage in front of the trash can, and the large rodent ran right into it. These two critters have been relocated to upper Turkey Mountain.
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