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Crazy, fun, and exciting weekend.

Posted Aug 14 2009 6:48pm

So I wish I could reveal my big news today but not everything is in place for it yet, so I am going to finish that up later this evening and hopefully will be able to post about it tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

This weekend was jam-packed with great stuff going on. I had a wonderful weekend and hung out with all my favorite people. First off, Friday evening, after a nap at the beach and a reorganization of my room and closets (best feeling ever) I took off for a short 6 miler. I wanted to push myself on this run, and I was running the latest route that I’d discovered. It is actually a decently hilly route but it’s quick and it a nice big loop. I took off and just really pushed myself. Much harder than I had in a long time. There were some times when I told myself that it was okay and I should slow down, but I don’t know what got into me, it was like back in my old high school glory days and I could just hear my coach yelling at me. I was sure speedy. I ran the 3rd mile in 7:02 and the rest of my miles were around 7:30. When I got home I was so tired. I haven’t ran that fast in who knows how long. That was very out of character for me. It really felt good to push myself like that though and thought that type of running very, very rarely happens for me anymore, it was a fun way to start off the weekend. I knew I would be feeling it on my long run the next morning though.

Saturday I met up with Ann and we set off to run 13 miles on the beach. I always forget to turn on Claude and he took FOREVER to find a satellite. Around 4 miles forever. Ann had her Nike plus with her so we went off time mostly. We ran 9 minute mile pace and just chatted. I haven’t ran with anyone in so long, and it was definitely great to run with her and to be able to talk. I had my toes taped to try to stop the bleeding but around mile 8, I realized that it was the tape that was making my toes even more uncomfortable and hurting them. I stopped, took off the tape and realized that my toes were really, really messed up. I had never seen them in this bad of shape before. I should have just dealt with the blood! Since then it’s been a battle with them. They are really cut up and I am scared that they might get infected. I have been putting lots of iodine and covered them with bandages, but felt like the bandages were not allowing them any breathing room. Also the band aides were sticking to other cuts and blisters and that wasn’t the most fun to rip off. One toe was so beat up it started bruising on the top of the toe and was swollen. Poor little piggy. Well in all this mess, I had a brilliant idea. I have some breathable tape that only sticks to itself. Whaaala!


I ended up cutting up little strips and putting it on my toes. I think it has really helped in keeping them clean, dry and protected! Hopefully, I can run again tomorrow without too much pain.

So after my long run, I was going to head up to Hermosa Beach to hang out with my best friend who works for the AVP. I had never been to an AVP event, but I really like watching volleyball. It was a GREAT time! There was some amazing people watching and some great matches that I got to watch


This was center court for a mens tournament play game. It was crazy to see how hard they could hit the volleyball in real life. I would be scared to block! Well, lets be real, I would be scared to block for pretty much anyone. It was great to see one of my favorite sports live. I forget who these players were though.


They also had outer courts that had tons of great games on them as well. That guy in the blue shorts going up to hit is my one true love, Reid Pritty. He was on the nationals team this past summer Olympics and him and his partner, Billy were on fire. They were playing Gibb and Rosenthal though, and unfortunately lost. I was scared that the ball was going to come out into the crowd, but luckily I never got hit. It was pretty funny because all weekend I felt incredibly short. I’m 5′7, and most people wandering around were towering over me.


I don’t even know what this means, but I saw it while walking back to my car. I picture something ala the 40 year old virgin movie. Bummer, the bottom said “No Flash Photography”. I can only imagine.


My friend was going out that night and I decided to go home quickly and drive back up to where they were staying. She got me some of my go-to drink to ‘pre-game’ Talk about white trash right there right? It was SO much fun! Going out in new trendy places is pretty fun, even if I felt pretty shimpy all night again.


Then Sunday, my roommate got a new car! We went to pick it up and we drove around in it all afternoon. It was a girls afternoon and it was so much fun! I realized that I had never ridden in a convertible before! It’s pretty weird, but fun! The car is so cute and so her! I’m so happy for her and she is so excited about it. We drove down PCH, of course.


It was a great day for the ‘vert! :) We stopped at Fashion island for some lunch at Cheesecake Factory, a personal favorite! It was me, her mom, our other best friend and her and it was a great girly time, sipping on pink drinks.


She then wanted to go to the pet store at Fashion Island and guess what I found! MY HEART MELTED for this little guy. There are dogs that my 2 best friends call “Danica Dogs”. They are usually a little scruffy and have some weird spots or something. I am also obsessed with the little dog from Anchorman. IS THIS NOT BAXTER?! My little London gentleman?! I haven’t ever seen a dog that looked so much like him, so I had to take a picture so that one day when I get a dog I can find one just like this one! :)


Since I can’t get a dog, we went and drowned my sorrows in frosting. :) Another great place right by Fashion Island is Sprinkles cupcakes. I got a red velvet that I ate half of last night and I also got a coconut that I might sneak tonight. Yum!

So as you can tell, this weekend was a lot of fun! A lot of different things that were fun and almost unexpected! Tonight the roomie and I have our weekly bike ride around the bay, which I always love. Tomorrow morning, pending toe issues, I will be going for a run. If I can’t get in the run, I will be heading to the gym to bike or something. Wow, the gym. Hello, nice to see you again, I haven’t met up with you in quite sometime. Hope everyone else had weekends that were full of fab!


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