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Crazy 8′s at Soul.Train Fitness

Posted Feb 18 2013 8:32am

My friend Kristina  has been going to classes  Soul.Train. A Mind and Body Fitness Studio  for some time now and loves it.  It was about time I gave them a try.  I purchased the 10 class pack for $100 since it seemed like a good deal to me.  The gym is down the street from me which is really convenient.  It will be a nice way to get a weekend workout in when I don’t want to trek all the way downtown or to workout close to home after a long day at work.

I attended my first class today, the Crazy 8′s.  Soul.Train’s describes this class as the following:

Crazy 8’s is our version of a Tabata interval training class. Tabata training is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  It can be done with any movement so each week there will be 8 different movements at 8 rounds each, could be anything from box jumps to kettlebell swings.  Through research, Tabata training has been proven to be one of the most effective fat burn and cardio endurance workouts there is.

My first Tabata experience was during the Healthworks Workplace Warrior Challenge .  The Healthworks class was tough, but the Soul.Train Crazy 8′s was tougher!  I think this is because the Soul.Train moves included more weights instead of just using mostly body weight.

I got to the studio pretty early and started stretching and waking up.  It was a 6:30 am class on my day off.  So as you can imagine, I was very tempted to just stay in bed but I made it in.  When I got there, the instructor Scott Costello was setting up the stations.   I told him that it was only my second time doing a Tabata workout.  He explained the concept of it and if I got lost he would show me how to do the moves.  It is kind of a lot for your first time to remember all the moves you are supposed to do if you haven’t done them before.  Luckily, I did pretty well because he handed out a sheet that had the names of each exercise.

Soul.Train Scott Costello

Having this sheet with the exercises to keep track of all your reps is really helpful.  In the Healthworks class you just did the workout and didn’t really have any way of tracking your progress.  This sheet also helps me remember what exercises I did so I can track them in DailyMile  later.  Often times I will get home from a workout and my memory is wiped of what I had just done.  When I workout, I don’t worry about remember what I’m actually doing.  Working out is a time I can clear my mind and just focus on what my body needs at that moment.

Soul.Train First Crazy 8's

The 8 rounds we did today were:

  1. Super Set: TRX mountain climbers/TRX plank
  2. Sandbag cleans and squat
  3. Super Set: Walk down push up/ Jump rope
  4. Super Set:  TRX Y’s/ Overhead MB ball with high knees
  5. Super Set:  Boat pose/Russian twist (12 lb kettlebell)
  6. Super Set:  Wall sit with bicep curl/ kettlebell dips
  7. Russian standups
  8. Bosu rope slams

The first super set with the TRX mountain climbers and the plank was actually the toughest for me.  My body was so exhausted after the first couple of rounds because you have to engage so many different muscles.  Don’t get me wrong though-everything else was a great workout too.  And the bosu rope slams made me feel pretty badass!  I always wanted to do some sort of rope slam when I went to the gym but I was always a little too nervous to look like a goofball.

I left Soul.Train today realizing that I really like Tabata workouts.  They are high intensity for short periods of times and work a lot of different muscle groups.  You really start to push yourself because you think, “I just have to do this for 20 seconds.”  Then you quickly realize, “Wow-I got through 8 rounds!”  If you have a short attention span, you should definitely give Crazy 8′s a try!  Two other ladies made it to the early class with me and we were glad we started the week off with a good sweat.

Soul.Train Crazy 8's Ladies

Maura (to the left in the picture) said she went to Crazy 8′s for the first time last week and she couldn’t move her arms for a few days because they were so sore!  I am looking forward to getting tone with these classes.  Soul.Train has a few other classes in addition to the Crazy 8′s that I want to try out.  And Erica Bornstein also teaches yoga there which is amazing because I love her hip hop yoga class at Back Bay Yoga .


Have you ever done a Tabata workout?

This is only my second Tabata.  I’m looking forward to doing more though!  Soul.Train has a Crazy 8′s Nasty Nine’s workout where they have one extra station that I’ll have to give that a try.

Do you workout early when you have a day off?

I try to not sleep in too late.  I like to try to get as much stuff done on my day off as possible!

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