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Cranking up the mileage

Posted Jul 17 2011 12:00am
It's been a good week, albeit a looong one!

I went for two 7am runs with Kim & Co, which is getting better and easier as we go along. I'm not saying that I'm not tired when I get up or that I don't consider snoozing my alarm, but having someone to go out with definitely helps. I also went out for an interval run on Tuesday. Having made it to 10 miles I really want to try to get faster now. I'm relatively confident that I can do a half marathon at this stage, but I'd like to do it in a semi-respectable time as well. I know it's about finishing in the first instance, but wouldn't it be great to finish it and finish it semi-fast?!

I also went to see a physio on Thursday. I've had a nagging pain in my back (ha!) and had all kinds of theories what could be causing it. Basically, my scoliosis, which I've known about all my life, is starting to affect my running/form/body now that I've stepped up my mileage. Bit sobering as, for some stupid reason, I'd just assumed that with me getting fitter I wouldn't have anymore problems with it. Duh! I was told that although my Pilates and yoga are good – in theory – they don't address the specific problem areas that I need to work on in order to improve my form and address my aches and pains. Well, it's not gonna be cheap sorting this body out, but I'll just have to curtail my fun-spending for a month or two, after all, you only get one body, so I'd rather make sure it's all in good working order!

Having decided not to let those news and money-worries get me down, I was getting ready for my long Saturday run with Kim when, promptly at 10:25, i.e. five minutes before our meeting-time, it started pouring outside. Not just drizzling or raining, no, it was pouring. It was like the heavens had opened up! So I texted Kim, who luckily only lives around the corner from me, to see if she still wanted to go ahead with our run and received a quick reply: Let's do it. Damn those ex-military people, they're hardcore!!! So by the time I made my way down the block to the corner where we meet, I was drenched. And the rain did not stop the entire time we were out. So we did a nice 10k/6-mile circuit, being entertained by Dusty's (Kim's dog) acquaintance with the cows grazing on the green who duly ignored any of his play attempts (that would have been interesting to see – dog-cow-playtime, ha!). I can honestly say that that was probably one of the wettest I've ever been!

Dusty and I posing after finishing our run!
So, all in all, it was a very productive week. This coming one is going to be relatively chilled. We're off to a wedding, so my running time is going to be seriously curtailed! But I'll be back to the grindstone as soon as poss.

Total miles run this week: 20
Weeks until the half-marathon: 10
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