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Could Eating the Right Amino Acids Help You Live Longer?

Posted Dec 06 2009 9:44pm
One reason I started running was to help me live until 107 years old. Running is one of the easiest ways to stay heart healthy and I believe this is the key to staying alive for many years beyond average. But exercise is not the only thing you can do to live longer. At least that is the implication of some new research in longevity.

Eat your way to longevity

There have been a number of studies that show animals given a restricted calorie diet live longer. Unfortunately, the down side ofMethionine a restricted calorie diet is that you’re not as active and even more disturbing, your reproductive system starts to shut down (e.g. you lose your sex drive). So, a restricted calorie diet doesn’t seem to be the best way to live a long, happy life.

Because of the downsides of calorie restriction, researchers continue to look for ways to get the benefits while avoiding the problems. In this recent bit of research, scientists found that animals on a restricted diet who were given additional methionine (an amino acid), were able to continue to live longer but also could reproduce. Good news for us long-life enthusiasts.

So, the bottom line is that maybe with the right diet we’ll be able to get the benefits of calorie restriction longevity without the negative side effects. It’s rare that things are so simple so I remain a bit skeptical, but it is interesting news. I’ll keep following this research. Maybe even change my diet accordingly.

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