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Could Candida be the problem? My experience with Alternative Health, Inc.

Posted Feb 23 2011 7:05pm
Alternative Health Inc. is a wellness center with offices in Northampton and Southwick, MA as well as West Hartford, CT. They have a unique approach to wellness, weight loss, and toxin removal. One of their principle programs focuses on candida. Candida according to their website is:

"Candida Albicans is an over-infestation of yeast in the body. It invades the brain and every tissue of the body. Candida grows and lives on what you eat, and makes your body crave what it needs to enhance the growth. For this reason, Candida is difficult to get rid of, but it can be eradicated if proper steps are taken. Candida may occur alone or in combination with fibromyalgia. About 80% of those suffering from fibromyalgia also have candida. For those with both fibromyalgia and candida, the candida must be addressed before the fibromyalgia. Candida (albicans) is one of many different types of yeast. Yeast cells are able to grow on the surface of all living things and occur virtually everywhere. The fact is, we breathe, eat, and drink them daily. Because they are part of our daily lives, we all have yeast growing in our skin, on other body surfaces and in our intestines. Normally our bodies’ defense systems keep the total number of yeast cells under control, and so candida colonies in our intestinal tract are nothing to worry about. However, poor nutrition or a sluggish or impaired immune system weakens the body’s ability to fight off yeast. Stress and environmental pollutants can also play a role in reducing the body’s control over candida. When this happens, yeast colonies grow rapidly and candida may result."

I attended a consultation with John, the owner, and he was able to deduce that there was a good probability that candida was the cause of my former ailments. Common signs of candida infestation are: gas, bloating, acne, anxiety, depression, cravings for sweets, constipation, muscle weakness, irritability, eczema, and the list goes on. While candida also plays a role in vaginal yeast infections, you can have candida and have never had a yeast infection. A questionnaire from the popular book "The Yeast Connection" is linked here so that you can evaluate whether or not you may want to look more deeply into this topic.

Where does candida come from? Yeast overgrowth seems to be extremely prevalent and can come from a variety of sources - such as taking antibiotics, which may kill the helpful bacteria in the body. Taking a probiotic while taking an antibiotic may offset the negative effects, so you may reap the healing effects of the antibiotic and get well. Poor nutritional choices that contain high amounts of sugar and refined foods create an environment that is conducive to yeast overgrowth. Following a candida diet is one way to eliminate candida overgrowth and this involves focusing your food choices on meat or fish, eggs, and low-carbohydrate foods, detoxing, and then reintroducing foods back into your diet when the candida has been eliminated. There are a number of lifestyle choices that can made as well, and a number of supplements that are vital in eradicating candida from the body.

Alternative Health, Inc. uses the M'Lis line of supplements for their cleanses and lifestyle change programs, and I used these supplements for myself as well. These supplements are very high quality and do not contain the filler ingredients and YEAST that many of the popular store brands contain, such as Nature Made and Spring Valley. Even though it's great to take the step to begin using vitamins, if you use brands with preservatives and fillers you are essentially reinfecting your body.

As an aside, it is when I started using this program and eliminating candida from my body that I started losing weight. Until I made the necessary changes in my diet, the fat and weight continued to hang on. For a period of 60 days I followed a very strict candida diet. I did a three-day cleanse after about 2 weeks on the program and then continued to follow the program, while slowly reintroducing foods. I exercised a normal amount and then as I felt better I realized I could begin exercising even more. In the past two years I have lost 40 lbs. I have done the detox (3 days each time) three times in the past two years, and every few months I eliminate all sugar and go back to basics for about 3 weeks at a time. This sort of resets my gut and I feel better afterwards - each time I actually say that I will continue to eat this way all the time but that would be somewhat unrealistic for me, but possible for others.

Recently I also had a body contour wrap as well as a massage at their Northampton location and they both enhanced my wellness as well as worked towards lowering my stress levels and exercise related soreness.

If you are interested in hearing more about this or any of their programs I encourage you to visit their website, which is linked above. Also, on March 16th  from 7:00-8:30, John Hoime and the staff at Alternative Health, Inc. will be having a discussion entitled, "Immune Deficiencies: Causes, Manifestations, and Prevention." The address is: 243 King St, Ste 247, Northampton, MA and the phone number to reserve your seat is 413-582-0311. I will be at the presentation - let me know if you are going as well. I can also recommend some really good recipe books if you end up doing the program.

Please feel free to comment on whether they have tried this program or another similar program and what your personal experience was.
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