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Corn Should Be Knee High by the Fourth of July!

Posted Aug 04 2009 7:38pm


At least I am…  Not a lot, though.  I do feel better now than I have in a while!  For July, I have 4.60 miles in 2 runs.  I plan on running two days a week for short distances.



135.5 miles in July.  I am really enjoying riding the bike.  It seems so natural and free.  Last week’s long ride was 23 miles.  I like it so very much, I’m looking to buy a new bike. 



At one time (prior to yesterday morning), The rig in the picture was a Quad.  A quad is an ATV with 4 wheels.  These are built strong but not strong enough to take several rolls on a hillside.



One of the premier Jeep trails in Colorado is Redcone Pass.  The trail passes rocky trail surface, in and out of trees, then above timberline for a magnificent view of the tops pf the Rockys!

One thing that Redcone Pass is known for is some very sttep downslopes.  These are infamous downslopes.  A first time down these cause what is known as the “Pucker” Factor.  It is suggested that you gear down to low range and first gear, and trust your equipment to slow you down.  In the meantime, be careful that your rear end does not pass the front.

I could describe it all day long, but until you do actually drive it you may not have a true impression!

It is so steep that the trail is officially one-way from the base of redcone peak to the terminus.

Well, so far the Redcone pass is open.  However Webster Pass (where Redcone Trail terminates) is still closed!  A snow drift still crosses the upper handcart trail that leads back down to US285 where the trail starts!


That means that you have to go further West toward the small town of Montezuma and then on to I-70.  Some people opt to cheat a little.  Like the gentleman that was driving the quad you see above.

He said he was on the first steep downhill, but he was driving up it.  He said that he felt the front of the quad lifting up into the air.  He said he leaned as far forward and over the front hood as he could, but it didn’t work.  The quad slowly tipped over, above his head, and over on to the top.  It didn’t stop there, though.  It rolled front over back, back over frant…  He said he was kicked free and he rolled just a few times.  The quad rolled end over end all the way down the hill.  He did not appear to be hurt, although he was moving stiffly, and could answer any questions, but he did so slowly.

Well, his group was able to bring the quad back up to the pass.  They made the decision together to return to the US285 side where they had a truck that they could load the damaged quad on to.  Unfortunately, there could only be one person on the quads during those reverse steep climbs.

What does that mean?  Poor Ray (or at least we’re calling him that), had to climb those hills in his worn state.  He climbed the first series of steeps and then gave up.  No more, he said.  That is where we came in…

We were at the the top of Redcone Peak when we met the quadders!  We need some help, they said.  Why?  And they explained the occurences…

He (Ray – Or at least we’re calling him that) is down there.  Can you pick him up in one of the Jeeps and bring him up to here so he won’t have to climb the hill?  Sure!

So, Tom went down the very steep hill to go and get Ray.  That was not a problem.  Coming back was…  Interesting!

Tom went down that steep hill and got Ray.  Tom made sure that Ray was belted in and comfortable.  He told Ray that he was going to drive him up to the peak.  Tom said his hnands gripped the armrests firmly.

Now…  Remember that this is an untested situation.  Tom was trying to keep Ray calm (probably so that Tom could stay calm).

Tom made sure the on-board air was turned on.  At the base of the steep, he told Ray that they were going up.  Tom turned on both the front and rear lockers.  He kept the engine revs up and headed up the mountain.  Tom said that he could feel the tires slip now and again, but the Mighty YJ mad the climb.

Poor Ray, it was difficult for him to let go.  Ray said that he was pretty sure that there wasn’t a jeep that could climb those steeps.  He was thankful and glad that he could get on a quad now and ride out with the rest.  As Ray turned away from Tom, Tom looked at me and turned a little pale.  He squatted down and rested for a moment.  “It was grotty, but I did it!”  In a few moments, he was OK again.


Certain parts of the trail is a shelf road with extreme drop offs on each side.  Makes for a very interesting first time on that trail!


You also get to see a lot of scenery and views of clear, clean Rocky Mountain spring water!


I’m hoping that you don’t think that I was the only old GOAT out there!  There was also this old guy!



Humor for the watching!

Saw it. Thought it was cute. I think you will too!

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