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Posted Oct 18 2011 2:00pm

Can I have confession Tuesday? I suppose so because it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want.

CONFESSION: After I asked y’all about calorie counting I promptly threw it out the window. This should come as no real surprise, because anytime I tell y’all anything that I’m “going to do” I immediately disregard it as dumb and pointless. BUT then I got annoyed two weeks ago because I’m STILL hovering 5lbs above where I want to be (I can’t figure out why because I haven’t changed any habits…) so I logged into a very old Daily Burn account (circa 2009). Since then I’ve been keeping track of what I eat (loosely, because it doesn’t have everything in it’s little database) and it’s been kind of fun looking at my nutritional breakdowns, calories, etc. Before anyone warns me about getting wrapped up in calorie counts, I have somewhat regularly gone over my “limit” BUT it has made me more aware of what I’m eating and how much of it I’m eating and I’m a little closer to my “happy” weight. So I think I’ll keep using it. Plus I’ve kept a food journal for forever and this is way more convenient then writing everything down. I also like that I can add in my workouts and it changes my calorie “allowance”. :)

CONFESSION: I know a ton of people are on Daily Mile . Guess what… I am too! I’m just super lazy and I only friended this girl before I got bored on the website and left. I do update my workouts there though (I implemented that when I re-implemented Daily Burn), so we should be friends! I would love to tell you what my username and stuff is, but I haven’t spent enough time on the website to really figure anything on it out.

EDIT: kidding… my username is HHRunner and you can search me by my happyhealthyrunner (at) gmail (dot) com email address

CONFESSION: I have my post written up for my race recap but I CAN’T POST IT because my camera died while I was busy adding all sorts of witty and snarky comments to my pictures that I’m sure would leave you all rolling in laughter and I can’t find my camera charger. It is driving me absolutely INSANE especially because I’m pretty sure that I left it in Austin on my last trip . And that makes me want to pull my freaking hair out.

CONFESSION: The guy who has the office next to us sneezes 45 times a day and talks VERY LOUDLY all day long. Our walls are paper thin so it’s very distracting. Sometimes I catch myself saying “bless you” and then I feel like an idiot.

CONFESSION: I spent all that time detailing my workout week for y’all yesterday (because I know you all care so much) and then I skipped yoga so I could watch Boston Legal with the boy. Mind you, it was on DVD so we could have paused it and he could have watched football. Oops. I did have a KILLER speed workout after work though that left me feeling pretty good.

CONFESSION: I’m trying to clean out my pantry and that means every day I bring one thing from it to eat that I normally would skip. I just ate a blueberry special K bar that I’m pretty sure was from college (for those of you that don’t know, I graduated in 2008). But it tasted normal and I feel fine so I can only assume the preservatives they pumped it up with are keeping it “good”. I had one yesterday too so I feel confident that I’ll make it through the day alive. That was the last one though, which is good because I don’t really like blueberry special K bars (thus why I still had some from college…). Sean would die if he knew I ate something that old. We have differing opinions on if food is still “good” or not. I’ve lumped those bars in the “non-perishable” category.

That’s really all I can think of right now. I’d love to share my clam chowder recipe and I would really love to put up my race recap but I can’t so this is what you get. Don’t worry, I’m annoyed about it too.

Your confession turn. Tell me something good.

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