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Compression Socks Review: My Personal Faves

Posted May 10 2012 12:34pm

I discovered compression socks about 3 months into running. At first I was skeptical but since I am a nurse and work long hours on my feet anyway, I thought for sure I'll give them a try. 

Well, I have worn them on every single run since the first day I got my first pair. I have since developed a slight obsession and have many different brands so I thougth I would share a little guide with you yo help you decide which ones were right for you. 

You don't want to go around buying a  million different brands because they are expensive! 

So here is my impression. I'll go from my favorite to my least favorite.

#1.  CEP Compression Socks  are my all time favorite.
The compression: STRONG
The Foot bed: Very Padded
The Overall Thickness: fairly thick
Fit: Fit snug and are measurable to your exact size.
NOTE : these are my favorites. Overall they just fit the best and get the job done. I can always count on these. I typically wear these race day or long run day.

#2  SwiftWick Compression Socks  are my second favorite. 
The Compression: Medium
The Foot bed: lightly padded
The Overall Thickness: thin, these socks are cool
Fit: PERFECT for shorter ladies. I'm 5"5" and these fit perfectly.  I absolutely LOVE the length and feel of these. Very comfortable! 

NOTE: these are not quiet as snug but because they are a little shorter, they are super comfortable and super light. They are very cool for summer months. I wan to wear these all day and all night. love them

#2  SLS3 Compression Socks  these socks definitely go head to head with CEP!!! GREAT QUALITY SOCK!
The compression: Very tight
The foot bed: very slightly padded if at all
The over all thickness: fairly thick
The  fit: very snug, true compression socks here.
NOTE:  I use these for my super long runs! This is a high quality product that does it's  job well. However I don't always want such high compression.

#3  Pro Compression Socks  are a good sock but not my favorite.
The Compression: medium
The foot bed: not padded
The overall Thickness: fairly thick
Fit: I would recommend these for taller women. They are a bit to high for me.They go right into the crease of my knee. 
NOTE: they fit well, just a little long. I have the size small. I may have done much better with the XS?? Mediocre sock. I like them. I wear them but their not my favorite.

#4  Running Skirts Compression Socks  are my least favorite. 
I bought a pair of these at the Rn'R expo because they were on sale but not worth the money. 
The Compression: weak
The foot bed: mildy cushioned
The Overall Thickness: fairly thin
Fit: they fit fine, 
NOTE: they are just not very tight and seem cheaply made. The first week I had them they already developed a little hole. Honestly I just wear these to work and not to run.

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