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Competer or Completer?

Posted Nov 30 2009 10:02pm

There is a lot of discussion on running.  There seems to be 2 sides (basically).  There are competers and there are completers.  I am a completer.


I love to experience the excitement of a planned running event.  To stand in a crowd of thousands of fellow runners is an excitement that is difficult to describe.  It is exciting to experience and exciting to get there.  I do put in my training.  I am faster now and can go a lot farther than when I started the training.  That alone is pretty exciting.  I also know that Plantar Fasciitis is a surmountable injury.


Some people say that if you are not in it to compete and win, then you are wasting your time.  That implies, more importantly, that I am wasting my fellow runner’s time.  If you follow that philosophy, then there would be 15 to 20 runners in any event.  Those are the people that have the chance of being able to win, place or show.  Why would anyone put on an event for that amount of people?


Slacker Finish

I agree with John Bingham ( ), though.  He has said (I’m paraphrasing here) that there are competers and completers.  AND…  There is plenty of room for both. 


I remember my first 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon.  My very first was a half-marathon.  I knew that I could do it and I did.  There were doubters out there and in my pack, but they were wrong.  I completed that half-marathon!  I am a better person for it.


My roots in personal running was all based on concerns of friends and family.  I was 52, weighed 275 pounds, was lazy and lackadaisical. I was accepted in a medical trial.  I had gone through some tests at a cardiac clinic.  It was interesting to see the results of that test.  I knew that I had to change my ways.


I found a new Doctor that showed an interest in treating me. He was concerned for my condition.  I thank him every day for getting me into running.  I am definitely healthier, happier and far, far better than I was before.


That does not change the fact that I run near the back of the pack. 


Many people have asked me why I chose to run the Vegas Rock and Roll Half-Marathon on Sunday, December 6, as a member of the Running Elvi.  I completed my first marathon in Las Vegas last year.  I’d never run in a competition that had a mascot of any kind.  I found the Elvi last year to be funny and motivational.  When running the race is difficult enough, why make it harder?


The real answer for me is that it adds a twist to the competition.  Maybe I can motivate someone. Maybe I can get a laugh out of someone.  Maybe I can get someone to think that if I can run it in costume, then they can finish.  I also think it will be fun and get me some of that 15 minutes of fame stuff!


If you see something on the news about all of the Elvis impersonators that are running this year (They are trying to set a world record with this run), think of this half-marathon completer.  Give a wave and say Hi!  Because one of those many Elvi is me.


Remember…  There are people that love and care for you.  If you find yourself on the couch too much, try a run.  Its worth it!


Running –


Last week, I ran 30.3 miles including a 12.52 mile long run, a tempo run, intervals and maintenance runs.  I know that I can finish this one!


In November, I ran 21 times for a total of 118.1 miles.

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