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Commuting, Walking and Dominating

Posted May 13 2011 11:58am

It is 8:45 am and I am literally trying to road-kill other commuters on my walk to the office.  This is my hell folks.  Being on the sideline with an injury I have to take my competitive energy and put it somewhere, and I have found it on my .75 mile walk to the office.

Since I am unable to ride my bike to the office during my layoff, I am stuck back on the E train to 23rd street where I then make the long walk across town to my office.  In years past this was a leisurely walk, but now it has turned into my workout and race day….every day….twice a day. I probably shouldn’t be walking as briskly as I am, but what is a runner to do when they are told to totally shut it down.  You know you would do it to.

The 20-something interns wearing their high fashion clothes do not stand a chance against me and my quick pace.  The hipsters in their tight jeans can’t touch this.  I am not even going to go there with the high heeled ladies.   I road-kill and I weave my way across town to the my office.  Yes, I am that annoying person that you see who is quick pace walking behind you and then around you and off like I am late for a meeting.

Do you blame me? I mean, how the hell else do I satisfy my competitive energy?  I guess I could play a lot of online craps or go to the track and bet the ponies.  That still wouldn’t satisfy my urge to move my legs faster… I guess for now the brisk cross town walk twice a day is going to have to do.

This weekend I will be off to Central Park to volunteer at the 10k; I am hoping being around and cheering for other runners, including my wifey, and handing out apples or something will keep me sane as I venture into week 2 of no running.  Maddone, this is not going to be easy.

What things have you done to satisfy your competitive energy? What games have you played in your head during a long training run to help kill the time?

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