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Cocoanuts Boston Chocolate Tasting in the North End with Blog and Tweet Boston

Posted Feb 01 2013 6:24am

I am a fan of chocolate…uh…what girl isn’t?!  I went on the Taza Chocolate Tour  when our friends visited and this past Saturday when we had some more company.  When  Blog and Tweet Boston  had organized a chocolate tasting at  Cocoanuts Boston  in the North End, I couldn’t turn this opportunity down!

Cocoanuts Boston is owned by two best friends Tara and Jen who have known each other since they were 12!  They both decided to quit their jobs and move on to something they were more passionate about.  Since they always have loved desserts, they decided to open a store that would put a fun spin on them and they decided to call their store Cocoanuts.

Cocoanuts Jen and Tara

These lovely ladies were so welcoming with a smile on their face and chocolate and champagne ready for you as soon as you walked in.  Their store has about half of their products from local stores and they love putting personal touches on everything.  Tara told me, Emily from The Three Bite Rule , and Liz from Eating Places that they really enjoy working with the customer.  One of their specialties is to create personalized gift baskets.  Tara and Jen will talk to you about what the person you are giving the gift to likes and what they might like and really make it special.  They do such a great job that they often get letters from customers about how much they are appreciated.

Below are some of the pre-made Valentine’s day baskets.  So to all you men out there who want to pretend you put in that extra effort to “personalize” it-you could grab one of these and say that you did.  I promise I won’t tell! ;)

Cocoanuts Vday

I had mentioned that Cocoanuts really likes to support small and local businesses.  This is why they featured treats all out of Massachusetts and one from New Hampshire for this complimentary tasting organized by Blog and Tweet Boston .

Rebecca from  Yes Chocolates  was there to share her delicious treats.  Rebecca named her company “Yes Chocolates” because she thinks that you should “Never say not to delicious” and clearly chocolates are her specialty.  One thing I really liked about Rebecca-besides her being really sincere-was that she really wanted to make chocolates FUN.  She said that sometimes she feels like people try to make chocolates too serious and she wanted to liven it up a bit.  That is why she brought her brownie bites, Guiness truffles (Pam…I know I have your attention here) and sticky bun chocolates.  I am also a fan of Guiness so I went straight for those!

Yes Chocolates

Another local company that was at the tasting was  Little Bits Toffee .  Little Bits Toffee was started by Melissa and Heather who are sister-in-laws.  Their family toffee recipe was so delicious that they decided to make a business of it.  They make small batches and every batch is made to order so you know you are getting some good quality, fresh toffee.  Melissa and Heather brought their new coffee flavor to test it out.  I thought it was delicious but might need a little more coffee flavor.  The ladies said they had an espresso flavor before but customers said it was a little overwhelming.  This might be why they toned down the coffee flavor-but I’m so ready for it to be amped up a bit!  I love that they were bringing the consumers into the process to really see what we want.  I really enjoyed the sea salt (I love salty!!!) and coconut flavors.  I’ll have to dig into some of the other flavors they have too!

Little Bit Toffee

Jen and Tara also put out some  Lark Shortbread cookies  for us to taste.  Lark is based out of MA and is run by a mother-daughter team.  Flavors have-as Jen described-”a more adult spin” on them because they will include ingredients like hot peppers, olives, rum, and more daring ingredients.   Cookies are baked to order to ensure the freshness.  These are definitely some cookies I’d want with my tea or coffee!

Lark Shortbread

Süss  ”Sweets that make you smile” are made to order taffy by the owner Tammy who is based out of New Hampshire.  Tammy slowly got into the business by getting more and more requests for her delicious taffy.  As I said, I am in love with salty flavors so the sea salt flavor was right up my alley.  The taffy was tasty but really chewy so it was difficult to speak immediately after-but who really needs to talk when you are enjoying your dessert?

Suss Taffy

It was nice to meet some new bloggers, dessert makers, and obviously taste some delicious treats!  I really appreciated how welcoming Tara and Jen were and you could really tell how much they enjoyed their job.  The ladies said that a lot of people have been reaching out to them on how to start a business and they are glad to share their experiences and advice.  I find it so inspirational that they decided to take a risk and follow their stomach…mmm desserts!


Do you have a dream you would like to achieve someday?

 I may…but for now I’ll keep it my little dream :)

What is your favorite chocolate treat?

Dark chocolate covered gummy bears!  I even requested Jen and Tara to bring them to the store!

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