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Coco, PB and Seeded Stuff? Yes please!

Posted Mar 30 2013 6:47am
Miles run this week: 0

Workouts this week: it's been a Jillian Michaels kind of week. With one meltdown (level 2) and six Shreds (2 x each level) and some yoga thrown in for good measure. I'm keeping busy, don't you worry! 

I am a big fan of health food shops and spend way too much of our hard-earned money there. There's just something legitimizing about buying food at the health food shop. As if, just because it features on its shelves, it's automatically good for you. And that includes the stacks of halva, peanut butter and raspberry liquorice that I often come home with... obviously!

These were part of my last scavenge. I've heard so much about chia seeds and was excited when I found them. They're meant to be good for you and pack a protein punch like no other. I've been adding them to smoothies and banana pancakes on a regular basis and they definitely add a little something... nutty?! But you can definitely taste them and if they're good for me (because I believe everything it says on the box and the interweb), then all the better. 

My other big find was this massive tub of peanut butter: 1 kg. You think me crazy? Well, I can assure you that a week after purchase half of it has already been consumed. I really have no clue where my nut-butter obsession stems from, but for as long as it's better than eating chocolate bars, I'll take it. 

Then there was this beauty:

I'm pretty sure I first read about this on Leah's blog and was determined to find me some of this goodness. I love my coffee and I've really come to love coconut water (although I will always prefer the real deal, out of a fresh-cut nut on the beach of some exotic location. Random side note: on our honeymoon in Belize, one of the bars was serving coconut mojitos straight out of the coconut. Let me assure you, best cocktail. EVER.). So after trawling my way through Brighton's health food shops for a whole weekend, you can imagine my excitement when I finally found some at Taj.*

I don't have to tell you how tasty this was. If you like coffee and coconut, then this should be a no-brainer. It might be a bit on the pricey side, but then again I don't head to coffee shops on a daily basis. Bring on treat-time!!!

[* Update: Since writing this I've discovered, thanks to a friend's suggestion, that Waitrose (just across the street from Taj, d'oh!) sells Coco Cafe and for much less than Taj (£1.99 v. 2.75!!! That's quite a difference).]

Now this last one wasn't a discovery per say, but was sent to me by the lovely people at Clover, the butter lot, to try out and tell you all about it. It's called Seedburst and is a seed and grain spreadable blend. Made of oats, barley, wheat, sesame, linseed, rye and millet, it's a fabulous alternative to butter (though unfortunately it seems that it has some dairy in it in the form of lactic acid, so still a no-go for you dairy allergists - that a word?!).

Anyhoo, the Clover people asked me to play around with this and see how/where/when it tastes good. Me, eating? Challenge accepted. Seedburst isn't suitable for baking so my carb-consumption went through the roof while trying it out and (see above) we worked our way through the tub rather quickly. 

And just to put your mind at peace, no, I didn't sell out and I wasn't paid for this. The stuff really is good (as also approved by G, my sis and her friend who helped me work my way through the tub last weekend). It tastes a bit nutty and, for those of you counting calories and watching your fat intake, is a lot less naughty than butter (check out their website for the stats ) and even adds a tiny bit of protein to whatever you're scoffing down.

I've tried this on freshly baked break and it definitely passed the test (though butter will always win out in this case!), on matzah (happy Passover) and I can imagine it would be super-yum on a bagel. I've used it to stir through rice, bulgur wheat and quinoa and you can definitely taste the difference in the nutty flavor it adds. It just made those rather-boring and tasteless grains more tasty!

My random bulgur wheat and quinoa veggie salmon something or other...

My absolute fave though was Seedburst on freshly baked (and still warm!!!!) banana bread. It was just the right mix of sweet and nutty. Talk about heaven in a bite....

Anyways, taste it and see for yourself. Last time I checked it was only a £1, so worth the expense.

I hope this leaves you with some tasty suggestions for the long weekend. Then again, who needs all this healthy stuff if you've got baskets full of chocolate eggs (speaking of, our house has remained entirely free of any Easter chocolates... Not sure what's gone wrong this year?!). I've gotten hungry again just writing this. Might have to go for a Seedburst-PB-chia-seed concoction with a Coco Cafe on the side. Now if only I could earn some money with all this free advertising... 

Have a fabulous long weekend everyone and enjoy your chocolate eggs!
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