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Coach’s Corner: hunger vs. HUNGER

Posted Sep 30 2010 8:36am

There are two types of hunger out there that runners have to deal with. There is the nice, manageable dull hunger that you can control without interference in your daily life. You are always victorious over this type of hunger and can ward off any weight game with minimal running volume. On the other hand, there is the painful, sharp, center of the world hunger that can come when you are training for a marathon or just at a high volume level for any period of time.

This type of hunger can bring you to your knees and make you no better than a drug addict in search of the next high. You become grumpy and must be fed immediately. It doesn’t much matter where, just when….now!

If you aren’t in the middle of training for a specific race and just want to use running as a tool for good health and a great body, then you must learn the art of volume. What I mean is discovering the training volume that allows your body to maintain optimum fitness and weight while keeping you in dull hunger realm. You can still eat normally and not feel the need to fuel your body, as you must for long runs and races.

As we enter the colder months of winter, think of trying to experiment and find you training sweat spot so to speak. This will ensure you don’t put on extra winter weight or needlessly battle the “bring you to your knees” type of hunger that unnecessarily requires extra food intake. Pay attention to the types of hunger pains you are feeling. Don’t succumb to eating simply out of boredom when you haven’t done the training to deserve to indulge in your favorite food and drink.

Be smart and use the same self-control that helped you train like a beast during this past season to keep you lean and mean over the colder winter months!

Stay strong, stay fit and keep it dull this winter!

Coach Jerry

(Coach Jerry has competed as an elite runner at virtually every distance over the past 20 years. He has PR’s of 2:35 marathon, 29:50 10k, 14:09 5k, 4:13 mile and 1:09 half marathon. He has also completed multiple Triathlon’s and conquered the Ironman. Jerry has coached at the High School level and coached Carnegie Mellon’s track and cross country team.)

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